Pandatel's Modular CWDM System FOMUX 4000 Transmits up to 20 Gbps Over Single Fiber Pair

May 5, 2004 -- As an ideal alternative to costly DWDM systems, optical CWDM multiplexers provide companies - of whatever size - with access to more economical fiber optic multiplexing technology. FOMUX 4000 is the name of the new CWDM multiplexer generation, which is characterized by remarkable versatility and by efficient inband management. It has been developed by Pandatel AG, the professional network technology provider.

Pandatel is now presenting two members of the new optical systems generation. The FOMUX 4400 is capable of transmitting up to three optical channels, each with 2.5 Gbps, via a single pair of fibers. The FOMUX 4600 offers users as many as eight channels, via which up to 64 applications can be transmitted; it, too, supports throughput rates of up to 2.5 Gbps per channel, i.e. a total of up to 20 Gbps.

The FOMUX 4400 entry-level model is a highly effective alternative solution: it can be used by mobile communications network carriers, publishing houses or other enterprises to increase the bandwidth of their fiber optic networks without the investment risk normally associated with the installation of new cable routes.

The more powerful FOMUX 4600 system is suitable for realtime broadband data traffic over a maximum data transmission distance of 70 kilometers, e.g. in connection with storage area network (SAN) applications, and also for video data transfer - with studio quality - between TV studios, film databases and special events, such as live broadcasts of soccer matches. The straightforward, cost-effective transfer of large volumes of data between companies, branches and computer centers by way of fiber optic networks is likewise possible.

Both units feature highly efficient inband management: the management data for the control of the rack and cards is transmitted via the fiber optic cable along with the user data, i.e. no additional wavelength has to be used for this.

Thanks in particular to the modular system design and the wide range of components, the FOMUX 4000 series is a very secure investment: by selecting the appropriate channel or multiplex cards, users can optimize the system to suit their individual requirements.

The systems in the FOMUX 4000 family comprise the following components:

  • One FYR-C CWDM module card: this is the centerpiece of the system, as it is here that the three (FOMUX 4400) or eight (FOMUX 4600) CWDM wavelengths are multiplexed into a single optical signal.

  • Up to three (FOMUX 4400) or eight (FOMUX 4600) FX-H channel cards which are each capable of handling data rates from 10 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps. The channel cards are "hot swappable", i.e. they can be interchanged and serviced individually during actual operation of the system.

  • The TDM multiplexer CMX-CE4U (FOMUX 4600) or CMX-xE4U (FOMUX 4400) multiplexes up to four ESCON signals, each 200 Mbps, to a 1.0625 Gbps Fiber Channel data stream. If two CMX-xE4Us are interconnected, up to eight ESCON signals can be transmitted over a single CWDM wavelength.

  • The TDM multiplexer CMX-CG2U (FOMUX 4600) or CMX-G2U (FOMUX 4400) multiplexes two 1-Gbps signals (Fiber Channel and/or Gigabit Ethernet) to an OC48/STM16 signal (2.488 Gbps).

  • The FOMUX systems are administered and controlled by a management mastercard (SC-MO). This mastercard is connected via a VT100 terminal, via the direct Ethernet/dial-in access (SLIP/PPP R-S) or by means of the simple network management protocol (SNMP). The SC-MO card can also be combined with a management subcard (SC-SO) in order to cascade as many as eight racks at a single location.

This year, Pandatel will also be launching a channel card which can process data rates from 50 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps.

The FOMUX 4000 multiplexers support all data rates from 10 Mbps (Ethernet) to 2.5 Gbps. They operate on a protocol-transparent basis, with the result that each signal can be multiplexed, whether Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Double Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON, Fiber Channel or STM-16.

The systems can also be equipped with an optical backup switch, which changes over to a standby connection in less than 25 msec if the primary connection is interrupted: this facility ensures a high level of safety and security.

For further technical details of the FOMUX 4400 and FOMUX 4600 products please refer to our internet site: (under Products > Systems).

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