Entellium Introduces Hosted-CRM Software Suite

Delivers workflow capabilities to mid-sized companies

Seattle, Wash., May 11, 2004 — Entellium (http://www.entellium.com), a provider of hosted sales, customer service, and marketing automation products, today announced the availability of its hosted-CRM suite in North America. The software is targeted at mid-sized companies with fewer than 1000 employees.

“Entellium really impresses on several levels, including its modular format that enables companies to select and use “pieces” of its software tailored to their specific needs, but with workflow capabilities that go beyond basic routing and allows companies to execute their business truly in lock-step with internal processes as they define them. This functionality is unmatched by any other vendor, and it’s being offered at price points far below what is currently on the market,” said Sheryl Kingstone, CRM program manager, Yankee Group.

Entellium users pay only for the modules they subscribe to on a monthly basis, with fees ranging from $10 to $67, compared to upwards of $120 from other vendors with comparable features. Entellium sells its products through reseller channels only.

David Hybels, a senior director at the Allen Bonde Group added: “Whether you’re in sales, marketing or customer service, Entellium has created a modular architecture that is not only elegant in its simplicity, but also rich in features. Specific capabilities include a voice power update that can be a significant time saver, and overall, its value proposition compared to other vendors is much stronger.”

At the heart of Entellium’s workflow is a process engine that executes the business process as defined by customers. This engine tracks the state of the process at any given time and ensures that the correct sequence of process steps is followed as defined by the business.

Paul Johnston, chief executive officer at Entellium said: “Few people enjoy dull, repetitive work, and this is where mistakes happen. This type of work is the best candidate for automation, in most cases liberating staff to focus on much higher-value objectives for the business. As well as executing processes automatically in a computer, which tends to be faster than manual processing, our workflow supports parallel processing which means that multiple activities can be completed at the same time, leading to greater productivity, increased sales and better customer service.”

Importantly, Entellium enables this to be customized by the non-technical business user who can define business processes in terms of defining work queues, thresholds, and the business rules of the process that are then automated and executed by the process engine.

“Entellium workflow can be used as a framework to provide specific ‘template’ processes which can be used as a start point to model a businesses’ specific process needs. For example, we are able to provide off-the-shelf customer service processes for hi-tech industries, or pre-defined solution driven sales processes,” continued Johnston.

Entellium is the only hosted CRM provider that offers its Sales Force, Customer Service, and Marketing products as “modules" available for purchase separately on a monthly per subscription fee basis -- with no contracts required. Moreover, Entellium has equipped each module with an industry first “portal view” feature at no additional cost, that allows employees and managers to easily see and share information in each module even though they may not be a registered user of that module. In contrast, other CRM vendors require their customers to purchase entire packages costing 50% or more than Entellium’s solutions.

Entellium's product suite includes Entellium eSalesForce, for sales force automation; Entellium eCustomerCenter for customer care; and Entellium eMarketing for marketing campaign management. Each product contains the industry’s most powerful, built-in workflow tools to systemize processes and ensure consistently high levels of performance in closing sales, servicing customers, and executing marketing campaigns, and which make it extremely easy to extract data and create reports for better and more in-depth business intelligence.

Additionally, Entellium’s eCollaborate tool allows people inside and outside the registered user company to collaborate on things like document management, team chats, etc. For example, third-parties can be invited by Entellium subscribers to review information like Microsoft Office documents or designs, proposals, blueprints, or 3-D drawings without having to subscribe.

About Entellium

Founded in 2000, Entellium was an early pioneer of hosted CRM solutions and today serves global customers such as Honda, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, Standard Chartered Bank, and TELUS Communications as well as a growing number of small- to medium-sized businesses that use Entellium to deploy CRM applications to automate and manage their business processes. Entellium is headquartered in Seattle Washington with an R&D Center in Malaysia and a worldwide sales operation managed via an international partner network. For more information, visit http://www.entellium.com.