Compuware Enhances Management Visibility into QA Processes

CARS 4.1 Gives Executives Greater Visibility and Optimization Over Managing Risk and Delivering High Quality Applications

DETROIT--May 18, 2004--Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) today announced the release of version 4.1 of the Compuware Application Reliability Solution (CARS), its comprehensive quality management solution. CARS 4.1 extends management-level visibility into quality assurance processes and enables greater optimization when managing risk during application development and deployment.

Delivering high quality applications and reliable cost-effective systems on time and on budget is a must for organizations in today's competitive environment. As senior executives are continually challenged with identifying and implementing quality improvements, it's critical that they have visibility into quality assurance issues during application development and delivery. CARS 4.1 gives executives the information they need to understand and mitigate risks, giving them confidence that applications will meet business and operational requirements, and achieve critical time-to-market goals.

"G2000 organizations need better visibility into data and coordination across testing, requirements and development to establish more effective metrics for project progress and success," said Melinda-Carol Ballou, Senior Research Analyst at META Group, Inc. "This is particularly important in an environment where internal IT departments are increasingly supplemented by outsourcing, and quantitative data measures can assist organizations in evaluating resource effectiveness."

The executive dashboard: mitigating risk through management level visibility

In CARS 4.1, the new Executive Dashboard improves management-level understanding of current quality issues by presenting snapshots of key performance testing metrics. The Executive Dashboard delivers accurate and timely reports regarding the overall health of projects by keeping organizations informed on whether projects are on schedule, within budget and meeting business requirements. Executive Dashboard features include:

  • Earned Value Analysis (EVA): Based on the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI), as defined by the Project Management Institute, EVA metrics are used to manage scope, schedule and resources for measuring project performance.

  • CARS Release Index: The CARS Release Index is based on the Compuware QualityPoint® methodology and provides management a snapshot of the quality assurance process and the progress of the project in question. This index provides executives with the knowledge to make informed "go/no-go" decisions before releasing applications into production.

  • Color-Coded Field Alerts: Color-coded fields indicating "alert," "risk" and "okay," helping executive-level management quickly assess the overall health of a project. Quality assurance teams can make faster and more accurate decisions on the most crucial projects and project elements.

  • Drill-Down Views: Detailed drill-down capabilities give executives "at-a-glance" business intelligence on their entire application portfolio. Drilling into details gives real-time feedback about projects, including detailed quality metrics, schedule and cost trends and projections, which are essential for decision-making support.

  • Microsoft Project Integration: Project-related data can be sent directly from Microsoft Project Server 2003, and imported from .MPP files (Microsoft Project format) or .CSV files.

Integrated delivery system: technology, methodology and expertise

CARS 4.1 offers integration of the Application Quality Workbench™ (AQW) with Microsoft Project that allows project schedule and cost summary data to be passed to the workbench. Project information is then used to show project status regarding schedule (SPI), cost (CPI) and project completion (percent complete). This ensures a higher level of accuracy for capturing critical project data.

Additionally, Process Audit Reports can be created with CARS 4.1. Using Key Process Indicators (KPIs), the CARS Process Audit Report is a powerful tool that helps identify and audit areas where process improvements can be made. The report shows key process data including individual tasks for each process, task owner, task start and completion date and time.

CARS 4.1 also introduces the QualityPoint® Repository, an automated central repository of QualityPoint® test assets. Test Asset Management in the AQW automates access to QualityPoint® test asset templates through a managed workflow and creates a central repository to ensure content control and document retention. CARS ensures consistency between projects by utilizing tailored QualityPoint® templates.

Enhancements have also been made to the QualityPoint® methodology to provide improved consistency and integration of test assets. All test asset templates have an updated look designed to incorporate quality assurance best practices. The Key Process Area seven (KPA7), the process for driving quality management, has been enhanced to provide a more seamless method for continuous quality improvement.

"As application failure continues to be a significant issue for IT organizations and business executives, risk management plays a crucial role in whether applications meet business requirements," said Gery Plourde, CARS Director at Compuware Corporation. "CARS 4.1 helps IT organizations gain greater insight into quality assurance issues during application development and delivery, ensuring high-quality applications are delivered on time and on budget."

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