Tripwire Announces Tripwire for Network Devices 3.1

Enhancements ensure policy compliance and reduce network outages

Portland, OR - June 7th, 2004 - Tripwire®, Inc., the world leader in Change Monitoring and Reporting software, today announced the availability of Tripwire for Network Devices (TND) 3.1. TND 3.1, a network configuration management software product, enhances the ability to enforce compliance with regulatory and security standards by ensuring specific device configuration settings across the network conform to internal and external policies. Exposing and remedying security and compliance risks before outages or incidents result is essential to ensuring network availability and addressing the mounting audit requirements and regulatory pressures facing enterprises today.

Because most enterprises lack tools to systematically verify compliance across their entire network, they instead must manually inspect a sample of devices that increases the risk of non-compliance with internal change management and security policies, as well as with industry-specific government regulations. Non-compliance with regulations and policies exposes organizations to network service outages, security vulnerabilities, audit failures and the potential of financial penalties and public scrutiny that can affect shareholder value.

To help network managers demonstrate policy and regulatory compliance, TND enables rules specific to compliance requirements to be created and regularly compares the relevant line or section of a configuration file to an expected state. If non-compliance is detected, TND reports the deviation, details the difference and identifies who made the change and when it was made. In addition, TND can remediate the non-compliant configuration by either replacing or updating the running configuration file.

"Ensuring that the network consistently supports the demands of the business requires diligent enforcement of change management and security policies," said Rob Warmack, senior director of product planning at Tripwire. "By ensuring compliance, TND helps the enterprise better manage their heterogeneous environments and increases network availability."

TND 3.1 also adds the capability to capture configuration files and the status of highly secure devices without relying on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which may be disabled or may place an unacceptable load on a low bandwidth communication channel.

Many of TND’s capabilities are aimed squarely at compliance verification. Baselines, the known and trusted state of a device or group of devices, provide enterprises greater accountability of all network changes relative to an approved and expected state. By specifically defining baselines in a controlled and auditable fashion, administrators receive more meaningful change notifications and are better prepared to rapidly restore the network back to its known and trusted state for entire groups of devices if unexpected or undesired changes occur.

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