SDS VIP Monitors TCP/IP Networks Running z/OS and OS/390 Systems

New version of VIP provides real-time reports, quick identification of network traffic

The Vital Signs VisionNet® IP Monitor (VIP) monitors the health, configuration, and traffic levels on TCP/IP networks running on z/OS or OS/390 mainframe systems. Online reports display in real-time at common desktop web browsers.

SDS' just-released version 3 beta of VIP provides these new features:

  • At-a-Glance summaries and history panels cover all of the network's FTP, Telnet, and OSA traffic, and provide easy navigation to details for every connection. Track both current and past file transfers and Telnet sessions.

  • Activity-at-a-Glance lets you list and rank all TCP/IP applications according to the amount of data they're moving and the number of users connected. You can immediately identify your network's "heavy hitters."

  • For any resource on the network, for any of hundreds of performance metrics, report and chart history back a quarter-year or more. Make informed, rational plans regarding infrastructure capacity and demand.

  • Remote-Host-at-a-Glance and a graphic traceroute tool let you easily find nodes that are no longer active. Between a z/OS system and any remote host, monitor the path, path length, round-trip time, response time, and number of connections.

  • Real-time security reports from IBM's intrusion detection system (IDS).

  • Simple, graphic, online tools translate IP addresses into domain names and vice versa; view SNMP data from any node on the network.

With VIP's intuitive browser display, help-desk technicians can quickly and easily pinpoint trouble, leaving network managers to concentrate on what they do best. For more information, a free white paper, or a live demonstration by Webcast, visit or write to