Omnipod Offers Businesses Free Trial of Secure Private IM Network Service

Public instant messaging networks pose increasing threat to enterprise security

New York, NY - July 12, 2004 According to a recent study by the Radicati Group, in the next four years 88 percent of instant messaging (IM) users in the business world will rely on public networks. While this statistic underscores the popularity of instant messaging for real-time communications, it also highlights the growing threat to enterprise networks from open, public instant messaging networks and rogue IM clients. These public IM systems lack encryption and other basic safeguards, leaving corporate networks vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms and hackers.

In response, Omnipod, Inc., a private instant messaging network service provider, today announced a free, 30-day trial to raise awareness of the benefits and importance of private IM networks as part of a comprehensive enterprise security strategy.

"The popularity and complete lack of security on public IM networks has opened a door for a new breed of hacking and strain of viruses," said Gideon Stein, CEO of Omnipod. "Running a proxy solution in an attempt to control consumer IM is no longer an adequate safeguard. Companies need to re-evaluate their security policies and consider having a private IM system in place to ensure that their users, network and intellectual property are adequately protected."

According to Genelle Hung, analyst & communication director at The Radicati Group and author of the report, "Enterprises relying on public networks for their IM needs are not only at risk from outside threats, but will find these kinds of unprotected IM systems simply don't meet the compliance standards of today."

Omnipod's Professional Online Desktop(TM) (POD(TM)) is a highly secure web communications client, with integrated IM and file sharing, and integrates with the Omnipod Virtual Private Messaging (VPM) network. The POD prevents the security problems of public IM and file sharing offerings by combining strict administrative controls with 168-bit 3DES SSL encryption, protecting POD users from hackers as well as from the common viruses and worms that routinely infect consumer IM systems.

Omnipod is offering qualified enterprises a free, 30-day trial with up to 100 users in order to evaluate the advantages of deploying a private and secure IM network. For more information, go to or email

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