Alchemy Lab Releases Alchemy Eye 6.0 Network Monitor

Automatic network monitoring tracks PCs, servers, and network equipment.

Alchemy Lab announces the release of version 6.0 of Alchemy Eye, a network monitoring tool that continuously monitors network server availability and performance, and alerts the network administrator in the event of network errors before these problems get seriously out of hand.

Alchemy Eye 6.0 includes a new feature that takes the program to a new level of corporate network monitoring called Network Map, a graphic representation of the corporate network that contains network devices, such as PCs, servers or printers, together with other network equipment. Network Map displays the status of each network device real-time and allows the system administrators to locate network problems by simply looking at the map.

Each network map object is associated with the list of monitoring tasks, assigned by a system administrator. Each task monitors a certain network object (corporate web server availability, CISCO router CPU load, channel bandwidth load, etc.) and automatically notifies network administrator about server/network malfunction events. If a monitoring task detects any network object malfunction, it changes the status of the corresponding map object (computer or network device), and the object icon changes its color, indicating a problem with that particular device.

Compatible with any type of server, Alchemy Eye monitors network devices using over 30 types of monitoring task types, including, but not limited to ICMP ping, NT event log, HTTP(s) and FTP URLs monitoring, disk space control, NT service state monitoring, etc. When a device becomes unavailable or malfunctions, system administrator is instantly alerted via network message, e-mail, or SMS message sent to mobile phone. The log of all network events is kept. The program can then reboot computer, launch a designated program or service, restart network services or react in other ways. Program owners can request any custom feature to be added ($10 per hour of work required is charged; estimates can be given in advance).

Alchemy Eye is distributed electronically over the Internet or via CD; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

The price of a single license of Alchemy Eye 6.0 is 299 US Dollars. There are no maintenance fees and all future upgrades are free.

Alchemy Lab is an independent software developing company that specializes in network-management solutions. Contact Alchemy Lab at