Acronis True Image Server Delivers Comprehensive Server Protection Solution

Provides instant bare-metal recovery for mission-critical Server Applications; industry’s first native disk imaging backup solution for all Linux file systems

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., August 3, 2004 -- Acronis, Inc. launched Acronis True Image Server for Linux 8.0, the industry’s first native Linux disk imaging, backup and bare-metal restore application, along with the a new version of its Windows-based server software.

The latest additions in its expanding family of award-winning server disk imaging software allow Linux and Windows systems administrators and network managers to create the exact disk image of live servers running for a complete file and system backup, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective server protection solution.

New features for the Windows version include the ability check the disk image integrity before restore and file system integrity after restore, to exclude paging/hibernate files from the disk image, and assign the priority for the disk imaging process. As a result, system administrators can manage the server performance balancing between the backup process and server applications.

The Linux release also features the ability to create the backup disk image natively in Linux operating from either an X Window System graphical interface or a command line; support for EXT 2/3, ReiserFS, XFS, JFS file systems, and Linux SWAP partition; and support for Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrakesoft Linux and other major Linux distributions

In addition to its disk imaging capabilities, Acronis True Image Server 8.0 for Linux and Windows incorporate all of the features required to clone, deploy and upgrade server disk drives.

“Linux systems run a huge percentage of datacenter and Web servers worldwide, but backup options have been inadequate for those wanting a bare-metal restore, image-based solution,” said Max Tsypliaev, president of Acronis, Inc. “The cost of server downtime could be thousands and even millions dollars per hour” he continued. “When you’re looking at a return on investment, being up and running in minutes versus hours or days makes ROI calculations a slam dunk for a disk imaging solution such as this.

“Expanding our disk imaging products to the Linux market is a natural progression for Acronis,” he continued. “We already use Linux extensively in our existing Windows products and offering native disk imaging capabilities to the burgeoning Linux market simply makes good business sense.”

Adds Stephen Lawton, marketing director at Acronis: “Acronis True Image Server for Linux is the industry’s first native solution for all Linux file systems to offer a full product feature set and speed that exceeds the demanding needs of IT managers and systems administrators. In the Windows market, IT managers and those responsible for department servers continue to require greater performance and reliability. The ability to check the disk image and file system integrity, as well as managing the server performance, accomplish both goals while also making the final image smaller and more manageable.”

Acronis True Image Server 8.0 for Linux and Windows are available now. The suggested list price for each version is $699. More information about the product is available at

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