Cendura Makes Application Infrastructures Unbreakable

Cendura launches first Intelligent Configuration Management Blueprints for Oracle 10G and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

August 4, 2004 -- Cendura, today announced that it has expanded coverage of business-critical enterprise applications by adding the industry's first intelligent configuration management Blueprints for Oracle 10g running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. Cohesion Blueprints for these applications are an essential part of an unbreakable enterprise architecture management plan for distributed applications by providing a comprehensive platform to manage critical configuration changes, minimize application drift, accelerate troubleshooting and forensics, and enforce compliance with best practices and policies.

"Intelligent configuration management -- or the automation of configuration inventory, audit, and management tasks -- will become increasingly necessary to manage advanced distributed environments," according to META Group analyst Corey Ferengul.

Cohesion can be applied to virtually any IT initiative including planning for migration, consolidation, and release management, security policy enforcement, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, regulatory audit and compliance, and application lifecycle management. Cohesion reduces IT costs by decreasing the number of problem incidents, allocating IT resources for efficiently streamlining problem resolution between geographically diverse IT teams, and eliminating manual, error-prone, and repetitive configuration management tasks through automation.

The Cohesion platform uses Blueprints for Oracle Database 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to deliver:

  • Deep Application Discovery, offering complete, in-depth capture and interpretation of all executables, directories, database tables and their related attributes and contents which can be dynamically accessed from Cohesion's Application Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Intelligent Configuration Management (ICM), to add, delete or change any configuration parameter or registry element, including those for Linux and the application components that rely on Oracle

  • Remote Database Troubleshooting from a single Web browser interface to record changes; maintain historical snapshots; run corrective scripts; perform global searches across database tables using wildcards; access tail logs for debugging; and execute queries

  • High Availability through Cohesion's performance Rule Compliance feature to verify that all hosts adhere to consistent Gold Standards within a site or across multiple sites

  • Extensive Best Practices Library containing all critical configuration information, vendor-recommended best practices, and technology dependency relationships

  • Customized Applications using the Cohesion Blueprint Builder(tm) to create completely customized, distributed Blueprints for virtually any application

Cendura has Blueprints for following Oracle and Red Hat Linux platforms: Oracle Enterprise Server Database 8i, 9i and 10g; Oracle Database Client; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3; Red Hat Linux 7; and Red Hat Advanced server, Red Hat Enterprise Server.

To learn more about the Cohesion Infrastructure Solution for Oracle 10g and Red Hat Enterprise Linux or get a demo, call (866) 263-3911 or e-mail sales@cendura.com.


Cendura is a leading intelligent application configuration management solutions provider, with support for enterprise platforms running AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Windows, and Solaris and over 130 customizable Blueprints of commercially available applications, operating systems, databases, Web servers, application servers, and messaging systems. For more information about Cendura, call 866.263.3911 or visit http://www.cendura.com.

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