Advanced PDF Data Extraction with WebQL Version 2.3

QL2 Software updates flagship product

Seattle -- August 17, 2004 -- QL2 Software announces the release of WebQL version 2.3. Initially released in November 2000, WebQL enables customers to extract complex, unstructured data from the Web and other unstructured data sources.

The major enhancement in WebQL version 2.3 is its improved PDF data extraction functionality. “There is a substantial amount of valuable data contained in PDF documents on the Web, but extracting data from PDF files is a difficult problem”, commented Chris Buckingham, QL2’s president and CEO. “Our customers were bringing projects to us that no other vendor could handle. Thanks to their input, we’re very confident WebQL version 2.3 is the most effective PDF data extraction tool on the market”.

The improved PDF extraction capabilities in WebQL version 2.3 include:

  • Accurate recognition of lines, word boundaries and general character proximity

  • Automatic detection and removal of columns and line endings produces text in human-readable order

  • Precise document structure analysis converts most documents to spreadsheet and database formats with 100 percent accuracy

  • Automated recognition of non-textual elements such as form checkboxes WebQL version 2.3 is available directly from QL2 Software. Currently a free 90 day download of WebQL version 2.3 is available at

About QL2 Software:

Founded in April, 2000, QL2 Software has become a leading provider Web mining and unstructured data management tools and solutions. More information about WebQL and QL2 Software is online at