Managed Security Provider Unleashes New IDS Sensor

Global DataGuard's NIDS 2.0 offers enhanced management and traffic handling capabilities

Dallas, Texas, August 30, 2004 -- Global DataGuard today announced the release of a faster, feature-rich version of its IDS network sensor. NIDS version 2.0 offers improved remote management, faster resolution of maintenance and configuration issues, and single and dual fiber network card support. The intrusion prevention version of the new sensor also offers an active response mechanism.

Other features include:

  • Upgraded vulnerability scanning with improved speed and the ability to scan for significantly greater numbers of vulnerabilities

  • Multiple NIC capabilities allow different segments of the network to be monitored with fewer devices

  • Profiled configuration sets make installation easier for a network monitoring service, value added re-sellers, and GDG customers.

"Version 2.0 improves the ease of installation and has greater traffic handling capabilities," said Scott Paly, chief executive officer of Global DataGuard. "It adds tremendous value to our managed services business because of ease of configuration, installation, upgrades, and management of remote sensors. This release places us firmly on the path to being able to provide a CPE appliance set to be deployed as a stand alone solution, complement an existing IDS/IPS system or be monitored by Global DataGuard's Security Control Center using our patent-pending Empirical Surveillance Program on a full or part time basis."

Global DataGuard's new eTunnel transport mechanism has been incorporated into every aspect of the new sensor. Processes that were manual or used to take minutes can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

"True behavioral analysis requires managing huge volumes of data. Our version 2.0 sensor gives us new capabilities in managing the data from high speed networks," said Mike Stute, chief technology officer of Global DataGuard. "We have improved ease of configuration, enhanced remote management and added self-healing capabilities. VARs and administrators will appreciate the flexibility, features and ease of installation that this device provides."

About Global DataGuard

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