Bytware Brings New File Protection to iSeries

Windows-style recycle bin is latest addition to StandGuard Security Suite

Has an important file ever been deleted from your system? It’s happened to us all, whether deleted by accident, by a virus, or by a disgruntled employee. Such files at best require time-consuming restoration from backup and at worst are gone forever. That no longer has to be the case, however, with the newest solution from Bytware, Inc., StandGuard Recycle Bin.

Designed specifically for the iSeries, StandGuard Recycle Bin protects your data from accidental or intentional deletion using a holding area -- or “recycle bin” -- much like that found on Windows systems. Unlike the Windows version, however, StandGuard Recycle Bin protects files on all mapped drives. Files that once would have been considered lost can now be easily restored from your own recycle bin right in OS/400 and i5/OS.

StandGuard Recycle Bin will save you money by eliminating the need to pull out backups and restore lost files in the traditional way. The nearly instantaneous process means that files can be restored as quickly as they can be deleted. Plus, StandGuard Recycle Bin protects files created throughout the day for on-the-fly restoration, something that traditional backups just can’t do.

Like anti-virus software, StandGuard Recycle Bin helps you avoid costly problems. The product is $995 per copy; the first year of support is free.

For more details visit or contact Bytware at 775.851.2900.