Quantrix Financial Modeling Software Upgrade Improves Business Intelligence Capabilities

New version of Quantrix Modeler adds features that enable business professionals to quickly and easily take action on relevant data

PORTLAND, ME -- September 14, 2004 -- Quantrix today announced version 1.2 of Quantrix Modeler, a desktop financial modeling software application that goes beyond traditional spreadsheet technology to enable professionals to model business and financial questions in greater depth and from multiple perspectives while improving productivity, accuracy, and auditability.

"Financial professionals need to spend more time taking action on their business data, and less time manipulating it. This new version of Quantrix Modeler streamlines the process and builds a better bridge between business intelligence and business knowledge," says Chris Houle, Chief Operating Officer of Quantrix.

Craig Burkert, CFO of Romco Equipment Co., a Dallas, TX-based construction equipment distribution firm, uses Quantrix Modeler as a sales and business forecasting and analysis tool. The new features of version 1.2 enable him to provide selective data views of the company's five regions, eight locations, and multiple departments quickly and easily, in a format that doesn't overwhelm managers with numbers and data. "I now can take very detailed financial statements and instantly provide a graphic financial snapshot for every dimension of the business," says Burkert. "With version 1.2, I can build one model, and link relevant categories and formulas to develop region-specific models. Business unit managers are no longer drowning in data, and I am using my financial data in a more meaningful fashion."

Quantrix Modeler incorporates a unique approach that separates the logic of a model from the structure, which allows users to create and use formulas outside the confines of the cell. Formulas are expressed in words rather than by cell coordinates so they are easy to understand, trace, and audit. Users can make changes, incorporate new dimensions, and view multiple scenarios dynamically without redesigning their model. New features in version 1.2 include:

  • Linking Quantrix models with formulas -- This feature makes it easier to share relevant data with appropriate users in a fast and useful format. In version 1.2, users can write formulas to refer to data contained in different model files. This helps users break a larger model down into smaller models, such as in the case of providing sales territory data to individual users.

  • New methods of linking categories -- Users now can quickly and easily share important information from other formula matrices, and insure that a change to one category correctly is carried through to other models. This feature will reduce errors and improve accuracy from model to model.

  • File-in-use detection and notification -- Version 1.2 improves version control and data accuracy by letting users know when others are using the model, and provides options for making updates and modifications.

  • Lotus Improv Import ­ Automatic Category Linking ­ When importing Lotus Improv files, Quantrix will now detect when categories have the same name and similar structure but reside in different matrices, and will offer the option to automatically link these categories.

  • Improved model formatting capabilities -- Enhanced graphical and accounting formatting combined with cell-sizing features improve comprehension of data, and make the information more useful to business professionals.

  • Expanded audit trail capabilities -- Users can track all changes with limitless log entries.

About Quantrix

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Portland, Maine, Quantrix develops financial and quantitative modeling software for professionals pushing the limits of traditional spreadsheets. For more information, please visit Quantrix at http://www.quantrix.com or call 207-775-0808.

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