Evault Introduces Online Data Protection and Recovery Solutions for IBM iSeries (AS/400) Servers

Offering provides secure, off-site backup alternative to expensive mirroring or traditional tape-based backup

Walnut Creek, Calif. -- September 15, 2004 -- EVault, Inc today introduced EVault iSeriesSM, a backup and recovery solution designed specifically for IBM AS/400 (now iSeries) midrange servers.

EVault iSeries leverages the company’s innovative online, easy-to-use backup and recovery technology, which has been used for more than 3,000,000 server-based data backups and 80,000 recoveries to date. EVault iSeries provides businesses with a more cost-effective and streamlined alternative to expensive off-site mirroring or less reliable, manual tape-based solutions.

With EVault’s server backup and recovery service, customers leverage their existing infrastructure and Internet connections to reliably backup and transfer data securely off-site to a Tier 1 EVault data center. The service is provisioned and priced based on the amount of data managed. For customers who manage backup processes internally, EVault iSeries may be licensed for in-house data backup and recovery.

“Many of our core markets, including financial services and health care, count on the reliability of iSeries to run their mission-critical applications,” said Phil Gilmour, EVault president and CEO. “Until now, these businesses have lacked an automated, secure and reliable solution for transferring their AS400/iSeries data to an off-site storage vault. With EVault iSeries, businesses can address their disaster recovery needs and meet regulatory compliance requirements with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.”

Features and Benefits

The flexibility and reliability of the EVault iSeries solution complements the solid performance and flexibility of iSeries servers, which currently number more than 750,000 in operation.

  • Reduces backup windows: EVault’s advanced compression and delta-processing technology, EVault DeltaPro™, significantly reduces the amount of data required for transmission to a backup server or array, while still enabling a full restore from any point in time.

  • Smaller storage footprint: By reducing the amount of data required for transmission, storage volumes on the backup server or array grow slower so that additional disk space is required less frequently.

  • Provides backup flexibility: Multiple backup tasks can be run simultaneously, each with individual retention settings. Administrators are not limited by the number of tape drives connected to the system.

  • Cross-machine recovery: Data can be restored from one iSeries server to another, provided they are on the same version and release number.

  • Uses the familiar “green screen” to facilitate setup, backup and recovery tasks.

Availability and Pricing

EVault iSeries is now available supporting OS400 V5R1 and V5R2 (support for V5R3 is available soon). Agent licenses are priced starting at $995. For backing up iSeries servers using EVault outsourced services, monthly pricing is based on the GBs of data backed up and the length of the contract.

About EVault

EVault enables customers to fulfill a very important component of their business continuity program by efficiently and reliably safeguarding their data backup through a fully automated process. For more information, please visit http://www.evault.com or e-mail info@evault.com.