SCORE Adaptive Bridges Adds BEA WebLogic Portal Support

Delta integrates custom applications in enterprise portals

Schmallenberg, Germany -- 23rd September 2004 -- SCORE Adaptive Bridges from Delta Software Technology enables the quick and easy usage of legacy applications in enterprise portals. The latest version adds support for BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges, the integration tool from Delta, increases the cost effectiveness of portal projects through the automatic integration of the existing back-end systems. Delta Software Technology (Delta), a long term BEA Select Software Partner, now offers with immediate effect SCORE Adaptive Bridges for BEA WebLogic Portal.

BEA WebLogic Portal and BEA WebLogic Platform conveniently enable the creation of portal applications. Complete portal processes can be created with a few simple clicks. Integrating mission-critical custom legacy applications is dramatically simplified and accelerated using SCORE Adaptive Bridges 3.0 for BEA WebLogic Portal.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges was developed specifically for the integration of custom applications within the framework of service-oriented architectures. The product makes individual applications available as flexible adaptive services that can be directly used in BEA WebLogic Portal applications.

Enormous cost savings are achieved through the non-invasive integration concept: the existing applications are not changed. Automatically generated adapters take care of all the platform-specific technical details, ensuring that the applications deliver the exact data and functionality that are required. The services automatically adapt themselves to the continuously changing requirements. The connection to the legacy services is achieved using standard middleware products such as BEA Tuxedo. Existing application functionality can be simply reused in a new form to meet new business requirements.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates complete, executable JSR 168-compliant Java portlets that can be directly used for portal development. The portlet developer does not need to know anything about the legacy application -- the adaptive services seamlessly integrate themselves into the portal development environment.

Legacy applications are directly usable in BEA WebLogic Portals using SCORE Adaptive Bridges -- quickly, easily and tailored exactly to the specific requirements.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges for BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1 is available immediately. More information about SCORE Adaptive Bridges is available at

To learn about and explore SCORE Adaptive Bridges -- Express Edition a free fully functional 30-day trial version is available at

SCORE Adaptive Bridges

SCORE Adaptive Bridges is Delta’s flagship product for quickly and easily integrating custom legacy applications into enterprise portals.

Enterprises are empowered to react flexibly to new business requirements by integrating, reusing and extending the functionality of their existing application portfolio –independently of the original development technology and deployment platform.

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