PolarLake Launches Interchange for Standards-Based B2B Integration

The world’s first out-of-the-box B2B integration solution, based upon Enterprise Service Bus technology

September 27, 2004 - PolarLake, today announced the release of the PolarLake Interchange, enabling the rapid and cost-effective creation of B2B integration solutions. The product builds on PolarLake’s extensive experience in XML integration, and enables customers to drive out the costs associated with B2B integration and address the key challenges of integrating business processes and exchanging information across organizational boundaries.

The PolarLake Interchange provides a "message exchange," enabling XML-based communication across multiple message protocols such as HTTP and SMTP, and is fully compliant with the BPEL standard for the orchestration of business processes. As a fully standards-based solution, Interchange enables incremental integration with multiple third parties, replacing traditional point-to-point solutions that could not be extended to include multiple partners and customers.

By integrating multiple organizations and technologies, the PolarLake Interchange provides the ideal solution for:

  • Integrated, multi-agency eGovernment, supporting portal solutions for citizens

  • Outsourcing business processes and management of real-time data feeds

  • Automation of all business processes split across multiple departments and organizations

By incorporating an intuitive, graphical development environment, the PolarLake Interchange enables B2B integration solutions to be built quickly and easily, using existing skills, thus reducing the costs associated with the creation, management and maintenance of integration technologies.

“Our customers in Government and finance have already been using PolarLake in B2B environments. The release of Interchange builds on this experience to create a compelling solution that addresses all the issues associated with this type of integration challenge,” said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake.

“Integrating across organizational boundaries can deliver significant improvements in customer service levels whilst simultaneously reducing costs. However, until now it has been a complex undertaking that entailed the development of unwieldy and inflexible solutions that were expensive to maintain and extend.”

About PolarLake Interchange

PolarLake Interchange is a standards-based software solution specifically designed to manage the integration of business processes across multiple organizations and agencies.

About PolarLake Limited

PolarLake™ provides a complete suite of products for implementing XML and Web Services-based solutions, including those based on the Enterprise Service Bus architecture.