SteelEye Technology Releases LifeKeeper for LAMP

New solution delivers high availability for Web sites running on Linux, Apache and MySQL with Perl, PHP, Python (LAMP)

Mountain View, CA – 5th October, 2004 - SteelEye Technology® Inc. today announced the release of LifeKeeper for LAMP. Running on the Linux operating system, the combination of Apache Web server, MySQL® database and the script engines, PHP, Perl or Python deliver all of the components needed to build secure, scalable, and dynamic Web sites. Together, these open source tools provide a world-class platform for deploying business critical Web applications. LAMP has been touted as “the killer app” of the open source world.

With many LAMP sites running E-business logic and hosting E-commerce sites that require 24x7 uptime, ensuring the highest levels of data and application availability is critical. For organizations that have taken advantage of LAMP, SteelEye LifeKeeper ensures these levels of availability by providing constant monitoring of the end-to-end application stack and immediate recovery of any failed solution components. LifeKeeper also supports the movement of LAMP components among servers through its administrative console, to remove the need for downtime associated with planned system maintenance. LifeKeeper supports any Intel-compatible 32- or 64-bit server running Red Hat or SuSE Linux distributions. Configurations can be built utilizing shared SCSI, Fibre Channel SANs, Network Attached Systems devices, or data replication.

“We have taken our Apache and our MySQL data and application availability management products and integrated them to build a solution for protection of LAMP sites,” said Bob Williamson, Vice President of Products for SteelEye Technology. “SteelEye continues to deliver solutions enabling Linux adoption for business critical IT functions.”

“LAMP has matured rapidly from its simple Web beginnings to become a central platform for business application deployment," said Bertrand Matthelié, director of Alliances for MySQL AB. “Due to its stability, high performance, and attractive TCO, enterprises are turning to LAMP as a foundation for more critical business systems. As these companies’ investments in LAMP continue to grow, solutions like LifeKeeper will become key to ensure high-availability and protection.”

“The deployment of LAMP for business critical Web functions is an exciting evolution of the Linux market,” said Carl DCosta, Director of Infrastructure Solution Alliances at HP. “The availability of LifeKeeper to provide solution stack monitoring and recovery will help to accelerate this adoption.”

SteelEye’s LifeKeeper for LAMP solution is immediately available and can be purchased through a variety of sales channels, including HP, IBM, and Ingram Micro. For pricing and information, please contact SteelEye (

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