HiT Software Releases Latest ODBC and OLE DB Middleware for IBM DB2 Platforms

San Jose, Calif., October 7, 2004 -- HiT Software today announced new releases of its ODBC and OLE DB middleware products for IBM DB2 databases running on the midrange operating systems i5/OS and OS/400 (iSeries), DB2 Version 8 on the mainframe operating systems z/OS and OS/390, as well as DB2 8.2 on AIX, Linux, Sun, HP-UX and Windows.

Major features in these releases are support for the latest versions of the IBM DB2 databases; updated security cipher suites; and significant performance enhancements for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements as well as increased performance for standard SELECT statements.

With these new releases, HiT Software confirms its commitment to the ODBC and OLE DB consolidated standards. HiT Software is the only company along with IBM that offers two middleware product lines for IBM DB2 connectivity: one specific for iSeries midrange systems and one for the mainframe, as well as other platforms.

While the new .NET data access standard is gaining ground on the Windows platform, ODBC and OLE DB continue to be the most popular way for organizations to connect to databases. Whether it's an off-the-shelf application using ODBC, or an in-house developed application connecting to the DB2 database, ODBC and OLE DB remain the preferred SQL middleware. HiT Software continues its strong reputation for developing reliable, high performing, easy-to-use and feature-rich SQL middleware.

HiT Software ODBC and OLE DB products support IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) and IBM Optimized Database Server protocols, and they interoperate as a standard client requestor with DB2 databases. Additionally, HiT Software ODBC and OLE DB products support SSL v3.0 when used with HiT SSL Server to securely authenticate and encrypt data flows between applications and DB2 servers.

HiT Software's responsive support staff make upgrading or migrating from a different vendor a painless process. HiT ODBC and OLE DB SQL middleware can be installed on Windows XP/2003/2000/9X, and NT client and server platforms. The releases are available immediately.

Trial versions are downloadable from the HiT Software Web site at http://www.hitsw.com/products_services/downloads.html.

About HiT Software, Inc.

HiT Software develops standards-based products for relational database access. HiT Software products include Allora XML-RDB run-time transformation middleware, DBMoto data replication, SQL middleware products for IBM DB2 access, and SafeConduct for secure Internet and intranet communications.

Additional information is available at http://www.hitsw.com, by sending e-mail to info@hitsw.com, or by calling (408) 345-4001.


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