Ipsum’s RouteDynamics Enhances Network Security

Ipsum Networks introduces service path security as part of a comprehensive security strategy

PLANO, Texas – October 13, 2004 -- Ipsum Networks today announced enhancements to RouteDynamics, the company’s flagship product, that provides the industry’s first service path security to eliminate potential gaps in existing network security strategies. Service path security is the process of analyzing service paths across the IP network to detect breaches in network security and correlate them to the availability and performance of applications and business services.

RouteDynamics allows an organization to monitor route advertisements and their re-distributions and alert when new route prefixes are distributed into and out of the enterprise. It provides administrators with end-to-end path calculations, both in real-time and historically, and the ability to correlate a path change to the exact routing update, regardless of whether it was originally generated within or outside the administrator’s network.

RouteDynamics complements existing security tools that identify denial of service (DoS) attacks by determining the service impact of an attack. Just as it provides end-to-end path calculations, it can also map paths to specific devices in the network. When a resource spike occurs on a particular router or switch, RouteDynamics can tell the administrator which paths rely on that specific device for forwarding traffic. In addition, if the device becomes unavailable to forward packets, RouteDynamics provides visibility into the alternative path for the service, as established by the remaining available devices in the network.

Service path security is available in the current version of RouteDynamics. Ipsum’s white paper, “Path Visibility: The Unseen Security Hole”, provides more information on how to improve network security with RouteDynamics. It can be found at http://www.ipsumnetworks.com.

About the Company

Founded in 2001, Ipsum Networks provides IP-layer management solutions that increase the availability and performance of mission-critical applications and services in enterprise and carrier-class networks. For more information, visit http://www.ipsumnetworks.com.

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