Syncsort Introduces DMExpress -- A High-Performance Data Transformation Product

Orlando, Florida, November 1, 2004 – Syncsort Incorporated introduced DMExpress today at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) conference. DMExpress is Syncsort’s newest product, designed to provide high-performance data transformation. DMExpress minimizes elapsed time for processing high data volumes, providing a powerful but easy-to-use solution for difficult data management and application performance issues businesses face today.

DMExpress minimizes the elapsed time of many data-intensive applications by integrating patented algorithms, state-of-the-art parallel processing technology, and dynamic optimization. It also optimizes processing performance by exploiting the architecture and using the best I/O method available. This reduces CPU, memory and disk resource usage, allowing applications to be deployed on significantly smaller hardware systems, in turn lowering hardware costs considerably.

DMExpress has an advanced, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that makes application development fast and easy. This decreases the time needed to deploy applications as well as the programming skill level required, thus maximizing productivity and reducing staffing costs. DMExpress is scaleable, easily growing and adapting as requirements change, working in small or large environments, and anything in between. It runs from a workstation, or 4-CPU servers, or a 64-CPU Superdome, and it deploys on Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

About Syncsort

Syncsort Incorporated is a leading developer of high-performance data management and data warehousing software for mainframe, UNIX, and Windows environments. For more information, visit the Syncsort Web site at