SoftPerfect Research Releases Print Management/Auditing Solution

Print Inspector 4.0 offers print management and auditing for corporate networks.

November 15, 2004 SoftPerfect Research announces the release of Print Inspector v4.0, a powerful print management and auditing software product for corporate networks.

Print Inspector features print auditing capabilities: in a special database, it tracks detailed statistics about all printed documents (including the document name, date, and number of pages, job date and time, name of the user who created the job, name of the computer from which the job was sent to the printer, and more).

This software also lets you manage the print jobs queued to any shared printer (you can pause or cancel any job, view the printed document properties, resume the job or restart it and reprint the document) and provides easy access to the printer and print server settings.

A built-in reporting tool lets you create various reports based on the collected data (the report can be as simple as the list of all printed jobs or can include detailed statistics for all printed documents and all users). You can also export all data to CSV format and analyze it with Microsoft Excel or your favorite tool.

Print Inspector is a flexible, cost-effective solution designed to help you maximize the return on your printer investment and minimize the total cost of printer ownership. Print Inspector can be used for managing print jobs and also provides you with comprehensive statistical information on printer usage and users' printing habits.

System Requirements

Print Inspector 4.0 runs under Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 Server and requires at least one local or remote printer.

Price and Availability

A single server license costs $99.00 US with free upgrades and can be ordered online at Site licenses are also available. A full-featured evaluation copy can be downloaded from

For further information please contact SoftPerfect Research;,, fax: (866) 505-8419

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