MicroOLAP Updates Admin Tool for MySQL

November 29, 2004 -- MicroOLAP Technologies Company (http://www.microolap.com), a leading provider of database tools, native connectivity components, and drivers for database servers, announces the release of the microOLAP DBACentral for MySQL, the new generation GUI front-end tool for the popular open-source database server.

DBACentral for MySQL is a GUI solution for database administration and data management, which provides a Microsoft Access-like interface paradigm for executing all database operations over database structure and table data.

In this version, microOLAP Technologies also offer DBACentral Run-Time Edition, a special program version intended for distribution among the database end users along with the GUI forms and stored queries developed within the standard edition. DBACentral Run-Time Edition provides no design features and may be easily distributed within organization workplaces.

DBACentral for MySQL extends the MySQL functionality and provides absolutely new and unique features for working with the server:

  • creating table relationships for guarding the data integrity irrespectively of the server version (3.x, 4.x, 5.x), or table types

  • creating custom data forms for viewing and updating table data

  • creating custom stored queries for all basic SQL statements

  • creating custom domains for faster design of MySQL tables.

DBACentral also provides very useful interface for executing standard SQL commands and database operations:

  • support of views in MySQL v5.0.1

  • support of stored procedures and functions in MySQL v5.0

  • establishing multiple database connections

  • creating new databases and importing databases from Microsoft Access or any ADO-compatible data source

  • creating tables through a comprehensive designer or an easy-to-use wizard

  • creating and managing server users

  • designing queries visually and executing complicate SQL statements

  • monitoring server processes and variables

  • performing database backup and restore in native MySQL or SQL-script mode

  • exporting and importing database structure and table data, using one of 14 available formats (Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, HTML, PDF, XML, etc)

  • copying and pasting database objects within one or several databases.

Microsoft Access users can easily migrate to the native MySQL environment using DBACentral for MySQL with minimum loss of standard Microsoft Access functionality as the main principles of working with tables, queries, and forms are quite similar.

Product details can be found at http://microolap.com/products/database/mydbacentral/.

About the Company

MicroOLAP Technologies is a commercial project of Torry's Delphi Pages (http://www.torry.net), the world's leading independent resource, devoted to Borland Software Corporation development tools.

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