Axios Enhances SmartProduction Tuning Software

Hauppauge, NY -- December 6, 2004 -- Axios Products, Inc. announced the availability of its latest release of the SmartProduction® batch analysis and tuning software at its 2004 SmartProduction User Group meeting, held in conjunction with the CMG2004 conference in Las Vegas. SmartProduction has helped worldwide customers significantly reduce batch run time and increase system online time, in turn saving millions of dollars for their organizations in both immediate and long-term cost reductions. SmartProduction V4.2.0 provides an enhanced, more detailed system analysis, allowing users to identify areas for improvement not previously available.

“SmartProduction’s latest enhancements allow users to obtain a more thorough analysis of their system and its inefficiencies,” says Gary DiPillo, Chief Technical Officer of Axios. “Each new release has provided new or enhanced reports that extend the analysis capabilities of the product, often based on the needs and requests of our customers. Overall, SmartProduction has been continually streamlined to provide additional observations and greater detail in terms of system inefficiencies, while allowing users to run reports much faster and more efficiently.”

The six new global reports include the ability to identify:

  • COBOL programs compiled using inefficient compiler options

  • DB2 programs that had executed inefficiently

  • programs extensively accessing a particular data set

In addition, SmartProduction’s 12 new and four enhanced knowledgebase cases allow users to detect even more inefficiencies, in areas including:

  • DFSort inefficiencies

  • VSAM inefficiencies

  • Operational delays

SmartProduction runs under all supported versions of OS/390 and z/OS.

For more information on SmartProduction, contact Axios Products, Inc., 1373-10 Veterans Highway, Hauppauge, New York 11788-3047, voice (800) 877-0990, e-mail, or visit us on the web at

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