Azalea Software White Paper Dispels Fears Surrounding UPC Bar Code Changes

Seattle, WA – Azalea Software today announced a white paper the company has published to help clarify the use of GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) and how they affect those who use bar codes. This white paper is available free of charge from their Web site at

The confusion stems from a new rule stating that beginning January 1, 2005 cash registers and other point of sale devices are expected to accept longer barcodes than they were originally programmed to accept. This “2005 Sunrise” as it is known, has some people thinking that they need to change their bar codes to be compliant.

“If you are already putting valid UPS bar codes on your products, you don’t have to do anything differently”, says Jerry Whiting, CEO of Azalea Software, Inc.

GTINs have been defined as the international standard way to represent data being transferred between industries and trading partners. What’s changing is the way that numeric data gets stored in computer systems, not how it’s represented as a bar code.

Questions about GTIN compliance should be directed to the UCC (Uniform Code Council):

About Azalea Software

Azalea Software, Inc. has been providing desktop and enterprise fonts and tools to create bar codes since 1992. They are certified members of the UCC Solution Partner Program. Azalea software products are GTIN compliant. For more information about Azalea’s line of bar code printing solutions, visit their Web site at

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