Relicore Clarity v4.0 Adds Global Scalability, Enterprise Integration to Service Configuration Tool

Relicore Provides foundation for real-time IT service management; delivers industry’s first enterprise-ready solution for discovering and mapping applications and business services across the IT infrastructure and detecting and correlating changes in real time.

Burlington, MA – December 6, 2004 -- Relicore, Inc. today announced shipment of the latest release of its Relicore Clarity™ automated IT service configuration management software. Version 4.0 of Relicore Clarity includes major advancements in the areas of scalability, enterprise integration, platform coverage, and product functionality, providing customers with unmatched IT service configuration management capabilities that are the foundation for IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices.

“Automated, accurate visibility into IT infrastructure is at the heart of IT service management, and our customers tell us that the biggest hole is at the application and server layers – the areas with the highest degree of complexity and constant change,” says Firdaus Bhathena, co-founder, president and CEO of Relicore. “With Relicore Clarity v4.0, we’re delivering a globally scalable solution for automatically discovering application and service components within multi-thousand server, geographically dispersed enterprise computing infrastructures, mapping their critical interdependencies, tracking changes to the environment in real time, and obtaining insight into the real-time behavioral characteristics of dependencies. This provides customers with invaluable insight that can be applied to a broad range of IT processes and can be used to support enterprise configuration management database (CMDB) initiatives.”

Highlights of Relicore Clarity v4.0 include:

  • Global mapping: With this new option, Relicore Clarity is the only product of its type that enables users to automatically discover, map, and view applications, servers, and related dependencies across many thousands of servers in single or geographically-dispersed locations, making it the only viable solution for large-scale enterprise deployments.

  • Enhanced integration with third-party enterprise management systems: Relicore Clarity v4.0 can now provide other enterprise management systems, such as those from HP, IBM, Computer Associates, and BMC with real-time insight into changes to the application infrastructure (what, who, when, etc.) via event notifications and alerts presented within the context of business services. Additionally, new Launch-In-Context capabilities enable Relicore Clarity to be launched from within the interface of these products for viewing business service, application, server, or component details as well as related change history. Also, automatically discovered configuration items and their associated relationships can be used for enterprise CMDB initiatives, with Relicore Clarity providing the information of record for application, server, and business service-related information.

  • Dependency characterization: This new feature highlights the power of Relicore’s real-time detection and analysis engine. Dependency characterization allows users to drill-down into application and server dependencies and view details such as when the dependency was established, its current state, and frequency of communication. This information provides critical detail on the criticality of specific applications to an IT service in a manner that only an event-driven, real-time solution like Relicore Clarity can deliver.

  • Consistency management: This functionality enables customers to easily ensure that servers and applications remain consistent, thus providing invaluable assistance for compliance and data center migration/consolidation initiatives as well as moving applications from test to production and ensuring that disaster recovery and production environments are in synch.

  • Support for IBM AIX and SUSE Linux platforms: With v4.0, Relicore continues to increase its coverage of the distributed data center with the addition of support for IBM AIX and SUSE Linux operating systems (in addition to existing support for Sun Solaris, Windows 2000/2003, and Red Hat Linux).

Availability and Pricing

Relicore Clarity version 4.0 is shipping now and is available for purchase. Pricing is based on the number of servers under management, with entry-level deployments starting around $200,000. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Relicore at 781.229.1122 or for more details.

About Relicore, Inc.

Founded in November 2000, Relicore delivers automated, real-time IT service configuration management solutions that enable IT organizations to increase service availability, reduce the cost of service delivery, and achieve business/IT alignment by providing unprecedented insight into today's complex, distributed enterprise application infrastructure. For more information on the company and its products, visit, send email to or call 781.229.1122.

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