Serena Updates Enterprise Change Management Solution

Dimensions 9 advances SAFE strategic vision

San Mateo, CA -- December 6, 2004 -- SERENA Software, Inc. today announced new advanced capabilities for Serena® ChangeMan® Dimensions(TM), a comprehensive enterprise change management solution for orchestrating changes across the application lifecycle from development to IT operations. Dimensions 9 represents a major advancement in the Serena Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE(TM)), the company's strategic vision for helping IT manage change by automating the processes within AD and across IT operations. As envisioned in SAFE, Dimensions extends support to all stakeholders across the application lifecycle, enabling them to manage and automate changes across software, hardware, and IT infrastructure.

Dimensions 9 provides seamless access to versioning and change management capabilities, enhancing team productivity and communication. Dimensions 9 extends its leading integration with Visual Studio® .NET and IBM Eclipse based tools, including WebSphere® Application Developer, enabling development teams to work within their preferred IDE.

"Dimensions' enhanced integration capabilities allow our developers to securely communicate and work within their own preferred environment, either Visual Studio .NET or IBM Eclipse/WSAD," said Todd Zarnes, Configuration Manager at Qwest Communications. "By extending the rich, embedded capabilities within these leading development environments, Dimensions helps us capture the dependencies, relationships, and derived assets within an application build, ensuring consistent baselines while maintaining their integrity."

Dimensions 9 delivers superior impact analysis and increased repeatability and integrity of application builds by extending automated build management to capture and record the software bill of materials. In addition, Dimensions delivers closed-loop change management across the application lifecycle through bi-directional integrations with leading lifecycle tools, including Telelogic DOORS®, Mercury TestDirector®, and Remedy IT Service Management).

Helping IT Enforce Requirements to Ensure Regulatory and Audit Compliance

Dimensions 9 supports electronic signatures, ensuring that assets and change approvals are executed only by authorized personnel and are recorded within audit trails. A Traceability Matrix provides a summary of all proposed and authorized changes and impacted work items.

"As an insurance company, we are subject to strict compliance regulations," said Kim Nyhjem, SCM Manager at Alm. Brand. "Dimensions 9's ability to maintain audit trails and provide transparency is a major asset to our business."

Managing the Risks of Distributed Development.

Dimensions 9 makes multi-site team development easier and more accurate by synchronizing and replicating assets and configurations while coordinating change authorizations and associated work items as a single unit across multiple sites. This gives project teams unmatched flexibility to make the most efficient use of available resources by allowing work to be performed at any time, at any location, while maintaining real-time project visibility and status reporting.

"As IT environments increasingly incorporate development teams split across different geographies or even outsource development to third-party organizations, there is tremendous pressure on IT to maintain the speed and quality of its application development process," said Clive Burrows, principal analyst at Ovum, Ltd. "Dimensions 9 brings significant enhancements that alleviate this pressure and will provide major benefits to any organization with a distributed development environment."

About Serena

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