Eiffel Software Releases EiffelStudio for 64-bit Processors

Eiffel code that compiles on 32 bits is guaranteed to work on 64 bits and vice versa

Santa Barbara, California - (December 28, 2004) - Eiffel Software today announced that EiffelStudio 5.6, the latest version of its award-winning integrated development environment (IDE), is available in beta release on a variety of 64-bit processors for UNIX, Linux, and Windows. EiffelStudio is the cornerstone of the Eiffel Development Framework, a simple and powerful system for developing mission critical software applications at a fraction of the cost of other tools. EiffelStudio is the only IDE that covers the full software lifecycle and offers native look and feel on a multitude of operating systems such as Windows (classic and .NET), Linux, Unix, VMS, Mac OS X, Embedded systems.

EiffelStudio is based on the Eiffel programming language, which, according to developers, is one of the easiest to learn and master. Eiffel's Design by Contract feature makes it especially easy to write bug-free code that can safely and reliably be used to build business-critical applications.

Thanks to the power of the language and the tools of the environment, EiffelStudio's users continuously demonstrate that they can produce two to 10 times as much software in the same amount of time as can be achieved using other IDEs and toolsets. Eiffel has thus gained prominence in challenging enterprise environments in the financial, insurance, and government sectors as well as among independent development teams.

EiffelStudio 5.6 on 64-bit can create robust applications and reusable libraries. "Software is a crucial element when cutting company costs and EiffelStudio is the ideal tool to realize those savings," says Larry Miller, Director of Marketing at Eiffel Software. " We have constantly made a point of giving our users early access to new platforms as soon as they are available in the marketplace. EiffelStudio was the first IDE supporting Linux in the early 1990s. When .NET was released in 2000, EiffelStudio was the first fully .NET compliant IDE outside of Microsoft products, and in 2005 it will be the first IDE to be available on 64-bits platforms. We want them to continue taking full advantage of the power of our tools on more advanced hardware. All their Eiffel applications compiling on 32 bits are guaranteed to work on 64 bits and vice versa."

EiffelStudio 5.6 will be released on the following 64-bit platforms:

  • SGI Irix

  • Solaris 9 in 64 bits kernel mode

  • Linux Fedora Core 3 64 bits and other 64-bit Linux distributions

  • Windows 64 bits


EiffelStudio is available via the company's website, http://www.eiffel.com. Free Editions of the product are offered at http://www.eiffel.com/downloads/. Onsite training and consulting are available by contacting sales@eiffel.com.

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