New Visual Importer Pro: Affordable ETL Tool for Fast Data Integration

DB Software Laboratory announces Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5

January 12, 2005 -- DB Software Laboratory, a leading innovator in data integration and management technologies, today announced the release of Visual Importer Pro, the latest version of the visual integration software for the Windows platforms. The application combines ETL and design capabilities all within one environment, significantly simplifying the creation and deployment of complex data warehouses and marts.

"Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5 is the most significant release of Visual Importer in years and one of the most complete Windows-based ETL systems on the market today," said Mike Renwick, head of marketing department at DB Software Laboratory. "It is directly in line with our vision for data integration optimization, already helping hundreds of our clients improve their integration projects so that they can be delivered on time, within budget and with the maximum business value."

Visual Importer Pro is a comprehensive data integration tool for the high-speed transfer of data from the text files and ODBC source databases into Oracle 7-9i, MS SQL Server 7-2000, or ODBC target databases. Along with simple record transfer within a single system, Visual Importer Pro allows for cross-system data extraction and loading which can be streamlined by calculations including data formatting, concatenations, loading cross/pivot tables, etc. Unlike MS DTS, Visual Importer performs loading of multiple files.

Visual Importer Pro features a well-organized, straightforward program interface and simplified navigation, requiring no specialized programming skills in database deployment. By completely automating all stages of data processing, the application eliminates the need for any regular intervention and upkeep. Thanks to its usability and inexpensive pricing, Visual Importer Pro has become the number one ETL software for small businesses, schools, libraries and other establishments requiring simple, inexpensive integration solutions.

"We have had incredible success using Visual Importer Pro for processing data coming from schools," said John Talker, New York Education Council. "In our department we wanted to benchmark cost of running school in relation to exams results. Very soon we realized that we are receiving amount of data which we can't process on time because we haven't got enough staff. So, we got Visual Importer Pro and in one hour we were able to start processing data coming to our FTP and e-mail accounts. Thanks to Visual Importer Pro we managed to deliver the project on time."

Below are some of the most significant Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5 features:

  • Easily extract and transform data from one database or file to another

  • Ultra-fast processing of input data

  • Comprehensive error log

  • Rejected records file

  • Integrated expressions builder

  • Calculations during loading process

  • Cross-tables loading

  • Mapping editor

  • SQL scripts support


Visual Importer Pro 6.5.5 runs under Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 and costs $150 (USD) for a single-user license. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and technical support. The 30-day fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for free at:

About DB Software

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