New Online Training Eases Migration to Linux Desktop

Questar's helps in wide-scale adoption of desktop open source solutions

MILAN, January 20, 2005 - Questar today announced, the online training solution for basic computer skills based on open source and desktop Linux. Using a modern personal computer is an everyday need, and OpenICDL gives users the opportunity to put their knowledge of it on a firm base by training in an open-source environment.

ICDL -- International Computer Driving License (also known as ECDL, European Computer Driving License, in Europe) -- is a standard certification of basic computer skills adopted in over 50 countries, and achieved by over 3.5 million people worldwide. The new OpenICDL online training course is compliant with the requirements of the ICDL certification, and is the first to use desktop Linux-based programs as a basis. Linspire, an easy-to-use desktop Linux operating system,, a complete productivity and office suite, and Mozilla, a fast and secure Internet navigation and email suite, are used throughout OpenICDL’s training modules.

"Education on the use of Linux desktops is crucial for their wide adoption in businesses, schools, and at home" said David Orban, CEO of Questar. "The comfort level of the non-technical user in the effective use of these tools has to match the systems’ maturity and affordability. This is the key in unlocking the value in desktop Linux."

OpenICDL's training modules are accessible directly online at, and comprise a modern and easy-to-follow e-learning suite. Users follow self-paced modules that convey a rich experience in covering the subject matter, and can access the content at their convenience at any time from their business, school, or home. The system records and remembers the areas already covered, and offers interactive exercises and tests through which the users can self-assess their level of understanding.

"The modern, and captivating interface of, together with the high educational quality of its content assures an efficient learning experience" added Massimo Falchetta, CEO of NativeDreams. "The choice of open source software, complemented with quality e-learning solutions, gives an excellent value to Questar's partners, and customers."

OpenICDL contains seven modules:

    • Concepts of Information Technology
    • Using the Computer, and File Management
    • Spreadsheets
    • Word processing
    • Databases
    • Presentation tools
    • Information and communication

Interested users can register online for a free demo version of All the content of OpenICDL currently present, and all of that which is going to be constantly added to it in the future is available at an affordable, and simple yearly subscription rate of $49.95 directly at

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