Colasoft Capsa Helps Administrators Optimize Corporate Network Performance, Eliminate Security-Related Risks

Colasoft announces version 4.06 of Colasoft Capsa

CHENGDU, Hi-Tech Zone, China. - January 28, 2005 -- Colasoft Co., Ltd. today announced the release of Colasoft Capsa, the latest version of an innovative TCP/IP Network Monitor and Analyzer for the Windows-based platforms. The application allows the administrator to manage and supervise the corporate network by monitoring in real time all traffic flowing around the local network and to/from the Internet.

Capsa 4.06 improves the Web access log, content length, and long-term traffic analysis features. The upgraded program also supports multi-subnet intranet configuration and allows customizing a subnet address/mask. Additionally, resolve and change host name options are now available in several views including Scope Explorer, Node List, and IP List.

Colasoft Capsa features a packet analysis module that enables the administrator to capture all network data streams in real time, decode packets and display analyzed data in HEX, ASCII or EBCDIC accurately by millisecond. By restructuring packets, the application can restore original data received and sent by the client and/or the server and display them in the TCP Stream View.

Additionally, Colasoft Capsa has e-mail, Web, and transaction analysis modules for exposing illegal activity and employee abuse in the corporate LAN. With the e-mail module, the administrator can capture an e-mail and restore its contents including sender, recipient, subject, and protocol. The Web module allows detailed tracking of Web accesses from the network. What's more, the transactions module analyzes all data transactions within the network and records all related data.


Colasoft Capsa 4.06 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 and costs $199 (USD) for a professional edition license. Registered customers are entitled to unlimited functionality, timely updates and lifetime technical support. The demo version of the program can be downloaded at:

Colasoft offers a wide variety of discount options to corporate customers as well as academic and non-profit organizations. Learn more at

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