Teros Delivers First Integrated Identity Management-Application Security Solution

Teros Gateway and CA Netegrity SiteMinder combine single sign-on, application attack protection and SSL acceleration

Santa Clara, CA -- February 1 , 2005 -- Teros, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the Teros Gateway containing integration with eTrust SiteMinder Web access management software from Computer Associates International, Inc. The Teros Secure Application Gateway now secures Web applications against insider attacks by users who have been authenticated by eTrust SiteMinder. Integration of a SiteMinder Agent into each Teros appliance enhances application performance with ASIC-based SSL acceleration.

To secure transactions and protect restricted data, the integrated Teros-Netegrity solution controls user access to sensitive HTML applications and prevents authorized users from purposely or inadvertently exploiting application vulnerabilities. These capabilities are critical in extended enterprise environments where customers, partners, or suppliers share access to sensitive applications.

“The integration of the Teros Gateway with SiteMinder provides customers with the confidence of knowing that their applications are protected from insider attacks within a SiteMinder session,” said Brennan O'Hara, Senior Manager for SiteMinder,. “This additional layer of security shields confidential data from intentional or unintentional application attacks that could lead to violations of customer privacy and fraud.”

Teros-Netegrity Deployments

Working in tandem, Netegrity SiteMinder and Teros Gateway appliances control user authentication, authorization and access to HTML applications, and enforce correct application behavior once a user has been authenticated. Using unique Deep Stream Inspection technology Teros Gateways analyze all bi-directional SSL-encrypted traffic to secure SiteMinder application environments. In addition, Teros Gateways protect personal data and prevent identity theft by blocking private information such as credit card, social security, and account numbers before they can leak out of a web application or web service.


The Teros Gateway with SiteMinder Agent integration is available today from Teros and its business partners.

About Teros

Teros is a global leader in Web application security devices. To contact the company, call 408-850-0800, visit http://www.teros.com, or write to info@teros.com.

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