ObjectStore Updates EdgeXtend for C++

Patented real-time data access technology boosts application performance, easing development for Global 2000 companies

Bedford, Mass.­February 7, 2005­ObjectStore, a leader in products for real-time data services, and an operating company of Progress Software Corporation, today announced the availability of ObjectStore® EdgeXtend® for C++, Version 9. As the industry’s only comprehensive platform for building object-oriented data access layers for enterprise-class C++ applications, ObjectStore EdgeXtend boosts developer productivity and improves the performance and scalability of vital business applications.

Featuring support for all major relational databases, including Oracle and Sybase, ObjectStore EdgeXtend currently powers Java™ and C++ applications at world-class organizations such as AirFrance, AT&T, EuroControl, FedEx, and Reuters.

“Businesses today must deal with multiple platforms and disparate databases. This may be a challenge for many companies, but not for ObjectStore customers,” said Chris Keene, vice president of data caching at ObjectStore. “The patented caching technique of EdgeXtend supports cross-platform deployment of high-performance, custom applications. Consequently, ObjectStore customers have the flexibility to use the applications and platforms that best suit their business needs. This latest version of EdgeXtend for C++ provides unrivaled performance, scalability and availability.”

Enhancements to ObjectStore EdgeXtend for C++, Version 9, include:

  • Faster, easier development: The object-relational mapping tools in ObjectStore EdgeXtend for C++ eliminate tedious hand-coding and generate high quality, tested data access code. Intuitive Workbench Tools, an integrated development environment, and a Database Explorer are new features of Version 9. Now, developers can graphically browse a database schema and drag-and-drop to jumpstart development of applications for existing data. One ObjectStore customer, a global leader in electronics and communication, has reduced application delivery times by up to 50 percent and lowered defects by up to 90 percent using EdgeXtend tools.

  • Improved performance monitoring: The built-in, configurable intelligent caching of EdgeXtend provides safe, concurrent access to dynamically changing data without additional coding. ObjectStore EdgeXtend for C++, Version 9, includes new program interfaces that monitor activity within a data cache, providing critical information that can be used to optimize performance for each application.

  • Unrivaled reliability: Cache synchronization in ObjectStore EdgeXtend for C++ ensures data integrity and a cost-effective means for achieving scalability, failover and high availability. New features in Version 9 include the ability for clustered servers using TCP messaging to automatically find and update each other on a local network, as well as to establish automatic database re-connection in the event of a network outage.

Based on patented distributed data-access and caching technology, EdgeXtend for C++ satisfies the need for real-time data throughout the application lifecycle, from design through deployment. The generated data access layer in EdgeXtend reduces development costs while accelerating time-to-market. Additionally, the intelligent caching and synchronization in EdgeXtend saves developers from writing their own caching and synchronization frameworks, eliminates data bottlenecks for applications processing high volumes of requests, and easily grows to meet future increases in demand.

ObjectStore EdgeXtend for C++ is scheduled for release in February 2005. A 30-day fully functional trial version is available for download at http://www.persistence.com/download/index.html?responsecode=pr.

About ObjectStore

ObjectStore is a global provider of real-time data management products. ObjectStore can be reached on the Web at http://www.objectstore.com or by phone at +1-781-280-4000. About Progress Software Corporation

Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS) supplies technologies for all aspects of the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications through its operating companies: Progress Software, Sonic Software Corporation, DataDirect Technologies and ObjectStore. PSC can be reached on the Web at http://www.progress.com or by phone at +1-781-280-4000.

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