Attachmate Synapta Sets Stage for Enterprise SOA Success

A platform-neutral approach to service enablement.

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- March 7, 2005 --Attachmate Corporation, 20-year veterans of connecting users with critical enterprise applications and data, announces the availability of the Synapta family of services-enabling products. Synapta solutions abstract information layers -- data, logic, and presentation UI that can be used independently of one another. This builds efficiencies that prepare IT for the age of user empowerment -- an age in which more is never enough, application adoption lags, and rogue IT projects win the day. Synapta leverages the viability of SOA as it exists today, granting maximum flexibility to business managers, IT organizations, developers and end users.

The tool set saves companies money by working within existing infrastructures and "future proofs" development efforts with compliance to open standards. Ultimately, Synapta paves the way for Attachmate's vision of a "user-organized enterprise" in which users drive the business and technology changes they need in real-time.

"For most enterprises today, the focus has been on what the application does, not what the user needs," added Michael Norring, vice president of SOA services for Attachmate. "SOA promises to provide lower costs and quicker adaptability for IT organizations -- Synapta leverages SOA to expediently meet user requirements."

"Attachmate 's core expertise is in creating enterprise tools specifically with the user in mind, because we understand that user efficiency and productivity is crucial to an organization's success," said Markus Nitschke, vice president of corporate marketing for Attachmate. "Synapta is the first step for enabling disparate systems for SOA -- creating composite applications, providing new interfaces and safeguarding business logic -- in a very cost-effective way. Synapta provides solid footing into the new and evolving world of services-orientation."

Attachmate Synapta Services Builder converts existing data and logic into reusable services, granting maximum flexibility to LOB managers, IT developers, and end users. Services Builder uses open standards, fits within existing infrastructures and supports multiple systems, access methods and design requirements. Its GUI-based design, configuration and management tools enable data, transaction, and screen access, access and federation of structured/unstructured data, two-phase commit, and host-initiated events.

Attachmate Synapta Presentation Builder helps organizations build composite applications that enrich existing systems with Web services, custom code, and data from external databases. With Presentation Builder, organizations can create intuitive user interfaces for a broad range of new user groups (e.g. partners, suppliers, Internet self-service). Presentation Builder streamlines application workflow to meet increased demands for efficiency.

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About Attachmate

One of the world's largest privately held software companies, Attachmate Corporation is helping companies leverage SOA as a platform for the user-organized enterprise by delivering solutions that overcome infrastructure and standards barriers to meeting user demands. News and information is available at or by calling Attachmate worldwide headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, at 425.644.4010.

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