Message Partners Announces Two New Versions of Message Processing Platform

New Rochelle, NY March 16th, 2005 – Message Partners announces two new versions of the Message Processing Platform (MPP) -- MPP 2.1 and MPP Free Edition. As the only integration platform designed specifically for building policy-driven e-mail filtering applications, MPP 2.1 adds several key features that enable customers to build scalable and adaptable e-mail filtering and compliance applications by more strictly enforcing e-mail communications policy, more effectively archiving e-mail and more precisely controlling how spam is filtered.

MPP Free Edition allows customers to secure Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD and Solaris e-mail servers by integrating embedded MPP security features and the open source scan engines SpamAssassin and ClamAV in a high performance, easy-to-manage package. There are hundreds of thousands of customers using open source tools to integrate ClamAV and SpamAssassin with their e-mail servers; MPP Free Edition offers greater scalability, simpler installation, and more effective management than the majority of open source tools used for this purpose.

Using MPP 2.1, it is possible to quickly build complex e-mail filtering application. “By implementing MPP we have been able to roll out a custom-branded e-mail filtering application that provides a high level of security and increases customer loyalty in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to build from scratch,” says Jorge Diaz, Mexis Marketing Manager of Mexis Communications. “We evaluated appliance-based solutions, but none had the flexibility that MPP offered.”

MPP’s open, flexible architecture provides all of the application components of an e-mail filtering application independent of the underlying scanning technology. This allows customers to choose the ideal scan engines for their environment and avoid costly technology migrations as new threats and business requirements emerge.

MPP 2.1 adds many features including e-mail access lists, multiple spam thresholds per-policy group, improved directory integration, greatly improved archival capabilities and more. “Of all of the new features of MPP 2.1, we are most excited about our innovative E-mail Access-List feature, “ says Michael Katz, President of Message Partners. This feature offers granular control over e-mail communication patterns by defining allowable senders, receivers and conversation patterns on an e-mail system. This is a must-have feature to limit communication patterns in high security or private e-mail systems. E-mail access lists are fully integrated with the MPP policy engine and can be defined on a per-user, per-group or per-domain basis. “MPP 2.1 will establish MPP as the market leader in e-mail security integration and we are very excited about this release.”

About Message Partners

Message Partners, based in New Rochelle, NY, provides industry leading integration tools that enable scalable, flexible, policy-driven e-mail security and compliance applications. Message Partners is a subsidiary of RAE Internet, Inc. MPP Free Edition may be downloaded at

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