Alt-N Technologies Announces New Mdaemon 8.0

Latest version continues tradition of powerful, affordable e-mail

Arlington, Texas -- April 13, 2005 -- Alt-N Technologies, a premier publisher of e-mail, groupware, and fax software for the Windows platform, announces the release of MDaemon 8.0. The newest version of MDaemon contains powerful features for large organizations as well as the home office. With installations around the world powering e-mail for millions of users, MDaemon 8.0 builds enterprise-class safety and security into software for small office budgets.

New features in MDaemon 8.0 include improved antivirus scanning, DomainKeys for protection against e-mail fraud, and updated spam and content filter tools, among others. MDaemon 8.0 also includes enhanced support for Alt-N's upcoming Outlook Connector 2.0. Due to be released in May 2005, Outlook Connector allows seamless access to MDaemon data and features within Microsoft Outlook. MDaemon 8.0 starts at US$110 for a 6-user license and scales to support the largest enterprise installations.

MDaemon 8.0 includes the following highlights:

  • DomainKeys: New for version 8.0, MDaemon Pro has integrated the DomainKeys security system for users and administrators. DomainKeys technology validates sender addresses and the message integrity of e-mail. DomainKeys is gaining industry acceptance for counteracting e-mail address spoofing. MDaemon 8.0 creates outbound signatures and validates inbound DomainKeys. DomainKeys integration is an MDaemon Pro feature.

  • SpamAssassin 3: MDaemon 8.0 includes the latest version of SpamAssassin 3 antispam software. SpamAssassin technology uses a variety of tests for detecting unwanted e-mail messages. The output of each test assigns a spam score to an e-mail. If the score reaches a threshold level, MDaemon marks the e-mail as spam.

  • Inline AntiVirus Scanning: MDaemon 8.0 now scans incoming messages in real time during SMTP sessions. Inline (or immediate) scanning using AntiVirus for MDaemon increases the security of your messaging infrastructure and eliminates time-consuming administrative headaches. In the latest release, upon finding a virus, the MDaemon inline scanning feature rejects the message before it is accepted. The new inline-scanning feature works only in conjunction with AntiVirus for MDaemon and is enabled by default.

  • Outlook Connector: MDaemon 8.0 includes enhanced support for Alt-N’s Outlook Connector plug-in. Due to be released in May 2005, Outlook Connector installs in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client and enables that application’s sharing functions to work with the built-in groupware capabilities of MDaemon. As a groupware function, data between Outlook Connector and WorldClient are seamlessly linked.

  • Custom Plug-in Interface: MDaemon 8.0 now integrates custom plug-ins into the graphical interface and message processing chain. Once installed, a plug-in becomes part of MDaemon, even including a command in the Setup menu. Reference materials, how-to documents and sample source code are available immediately by downloading the release version of MDaemon 8.0.

Additional features include a queue management system, a holding queue for errors and support for multiple gateway LDAP configurations. More information on these and other new features are available in the release notes and MDaemon 8.0 documentation.

Visit the Alt-N Technologies Web site ( to learn more about the features and benefits of MDaemon 8.0. Download the latest release of MDaemon for a free, no-obligation 30-day trial.

About Alt-N Technologies

Alt-N Technologies specializes in developing communications software for Internet, intranet, WAN, and LAN applications. More information on Alt-N Technologies is available at

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