ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority 6.5 Adds Anti-Spyware and Patch Management Options to Protect Enterprises Against Security Threats

Version 6.5 includes spyware detection and removal, patch distribution and deployment

BOCA RATON, Fla.-- April 18, 2005-- ScriptLogic® Corporation, a leader in network administration software for Microsoft® Windows®-based networks, today announced the availability of Desktop Authority 6.5, which includes new functionality and optional features designed for companies to dramatically improve the security of their desktops. Desktop Authority® is ScriptLogic's award-winning desktop management solution, used by IT personnel to combine the functionality of logon scripting, group policies, and user profiles to proactively secure, manage, and support desktops from a central location.

Desktop Authority 6.5 debuts key functionality, including patch deployment and distribution and spyware detection and removal, as well as improvements in file and registry security operations, Windows firewall control, and inactivity timers. As a result, companies can rely on Desktop Authority to closely control settings vital to overall corporate IT security, which assists with regulatory compliance and other company-wide initiatives, while benefiting from the time and cost savings based on streamlined desktop administration.

"Companies today are under siege, as every desktop is vulnerable to a wide range of attacks if configurations are mismanaged, new patches and hotfixes are not installed, and spyware takes over end-user machines," said Ben Battle, Vice President of Product Development at ScriptLogic Corporation. "Desktop Authority 6.5 is our 'Enterprise Security Release.' The product gives IT managers the power to control and protect enterprise desktops, a necessity to ensure data integrity and worker productivity. In addition, many of the controls provided by Desktop Authority are part of the solutions for wider company challenges--such as the controls necessary for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance."

"It is clear that desktop administration and security are becoming synonymous," said Paul Robinson, Managing Director at ThinStore. "Our customers need a powerful tool that will allow them to control their systems enough to protect them from the deluge of threats that might affect enterprise operations. The features in the new release of Desktop Authority help them meet these challenges, while also lowering the total cost of IT administration."

New Enhancements for Security

Desktop Authority 6.5 offers several new desktop management features that address enterprise security:

  • Spyware detection and removal. Desktop Authority contains a sophisticated detection feature that scans desktop machines for spyware at logon or logoff. If the Spyware Removal option is purchased, Desktop Authority can then automatically remove or quarantine spyware to provide a rock-solid defense against malicious software.

  • Patch distribution and deployment. Desktop Authority's optional patch deployment and management feature ensures that the desktops within an enterprise always have the latest patches available from Microsoft, offering further protection against attack.

  • Close control of permissions on NTFS files, folders and registry keys. Unmanaged permissions can cause problems with application functions, or allow users to break or modify application behavior. This feature allows the administrator to proactively implement access policies on files, folders, and the registry.

  • New Windows firewall management functionality. Desktop Authority 6.5 includes new controls related to the firewall installed as part of Windows XP Service Pack 2. The product now supports easy configuration of file and printer sharing, custom scopes, blocked program notifications and reporting of ICMP information.

  • More flexible inactivity timers. The inactivity timers functionality of Desktop Authority now supports multiple inactivity settings--allowing IT administrators more flexibility in logging users off, executing after-hours scripts, and/or shutting the workstation down.

  • Secure file shredding to U.S. Government standards. Desktop Authority 6.5 includes new functionality that allows administrators to delete desktop files permanently (without the possibility of data recovery) to meet DoD 5220.22-M specifications.

  • Ability to perform operations at logoff. Administrators can now use ScriptLogic's unique Validation Logic(TM) technology combined with the file operations capability at logoff. For example, Desktop Authority can now be configured to scan for certain applications and securely delete temporary files containing sensitive information at logoff.

Part of Complete Desktop Management Solution

The new functionality is integrated seamlessly into the Desktop Authority Manager, which allows IT administrators to capitalize on ScriptLogic's unique Validation Logic(TM) technology. No other desktop management solution provides as granular an approach. Validation Logic allows administrators to control desktop configurations, patch deployments and other policies based on computer location, group membership, computer action or inactivity, and many other characteristics.

Incorporating new security functions such as Patch Management and Spyware Detection and Removal into Desktop Authority's broad management solution brings them under the control of Validation Logic, giving administrators unprecedented control over how and where these functions operate. With Validation Logic, administrators can apply a patch or run a spyware scan on any set of machines, as defined by factors such as the user or computer's location, connection type, department, Windows version, Organizational Unit, and MAC address.

Pricing and Availability

Desktop Authority 6.5 is available immediately. A free 30-day evaluation of this product and all software solutions from ScriptLogic are available at The product is priced on a per-seat basis with volume discounts available through ScriptLogic's global network of reseller partners. Desktop Authority customers with current maintenance agreements will receive a complimentary upgrade.

The Spyware Removal and Patch Deployment and Distribution optional features are both available by 12-month subscription.

About ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic Corporation is a worldwide leader in network administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. Reach ScriptLogic at (561)886-2400 or on the Web at

Desktop Authority, Validation Logic, and ScriptLogic are trademarks of ScriptLogic Corp.

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