Princeton Softech Announces Availability and Siebel Validation of Integrated Database Archiving

Solutions improves TCO of Siebel business applications

PRINCETON, NJ – April 19, 2005 -- Princeton Softech, a market leader in application database archiving, today announced the general availability and validation of Princeton Softech’s Archive for Servers Siebel® Edition.

Siebel Systems, Inc., a leading provider of business application software, has successfully validated the integration between Archive for Servers Siebel Edition and Siebel business applications version 7.5. Organizations leveraging Siebel Systems can immediately deploy Princeton Softech’s new product to improve performance and availability, meet data retention requirements and reduce their TCO. This new offering continues to expand the market presence for Princeton Softech’s suite of enterprise Active Archive™ Solutions.

With the increasing focus on reducing data management and storage costs by implementing best practices, more companies are deploying Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies. Database archiving is a key component of ILM. Archive for Servers Siebel Edition enables companies to employ a tiered data storage architecture that matches the business value of the data to the appropriate storage media. Archived data can be stored on a variety of low-cost storage media: online, near line or offline, as well as on WORM (“Write Once, Read Many”) devices to support compliance initiatives. Companies can easily access and selectively restore archived data as needed.

Archive for Servers Siebel Edition delivers capabilities that safely archive and remove the excess data volume that is rarely accessed to maximize the performance of Siebel business applications. This integrated solution ensures that customers maintain transparent access to current and archived customer data, while improving application performance and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Routine database archiving shortens the time needed to process transactions, perform routine maintenance, and respond to customer inquiries. Managing larger call volumes, while reducing the average cost per call, enables companies to improve their quality of service, customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Upgrades to Siebel business applications software can be completed faster because there is much less data to convert after archiving. Disaster recovery is improved because nonessential data has been archived and removed from the application database. Current, business-critical data can be recovered first, followed by archived data as needed.

“As more sites deploy CRM and ERP business applications to drive profitable customer interactions, the databases that support these applications build volumes of data that become less relevant to current transactions,” said Ed Broderick, principal analyst at the Robert Frances Group. “By archiving this data, companies quickly achieve a greater return on their investment in data-intensive business applications.”

About Princeton Softech

Princeton Softech (, a market leader in database archiving, delivers comprehensive enterprise data management software solutions for the leading applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms.

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