Servers Alive Helps Network Administrators Ensure Uptime for Servers, Processes

Woodstone bvba announces version 5

Keerbergen, Belgium. - April 21, 2005: Woodstone bvba today announced the release of Servers Alive v.5, a full-fledged network monitoring solution for the Windows platforms. The application enables the network administrator to monitor the availability of specified servers or services. It offers the unparallel number of check and notification options to ensure the highest level of system uptime. By adopting Servers Alive, companies and organizations can considerably improve their emergency preparedness and response with limited staffing and reduced budgets.

"Servers Alive will be a major painkiller for network administrators who need to keep a host or application running 24 hours a day," said Dirk Bulinckx, head programmer and CEO of Woodstone bvba. "With Servers Alive, they can be immediately alerted to network failures in a variety of ways, from e-mails to ICQ and MSN Messenger notifications, and be able to address reported problems before their customers become aware of them. This proactive network management approach reduces support costs and allows improving service levels with existing resources."

Servers Alive can run either as a program or as an NT service. It provides a centralized location for controlling up to a thousand hosts and services including all TCP services, NT and 2000 services; the program can check server disk space, MS SQL server, Oracle databases, and more. In producing version 5, the Woodstone team expanded the monitoring capabilities to embrace such popular UDP-based servers as Radius, CITRIX, Quack II and many other game servers. Also, the administrator can check the status of web servers (HTTP/HTTPS), SNMP devices, write and execute any custom check. All these options are new and exclusive to Servers Alive 5 only.

Along with its robust monitoring features, Servers Alive demonstrates high flexibility in the choice of notification options. Once a downed server has been detected, the program can alert the administrator by playing a sound or displaying a popup alert. It can also send an email with an account of the incident, send an SMS message to a cell phone, page a numeric or alphanumeric warning, send an alert through NotePager, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. Scheduling engine allows sending notifications on down and up conditions, after a specified number of downs among other options.

Server Alive 5 Key Features

  • Extensive monitoring options including UDP and web services, SNMP

  • Robust choice of alerting types from pop-ups to instant messaging

  • Check times and results are visualized as graphs

  • Ease of use, complete program documentation

Availability and Pricing

Servers Alive 5 is compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. It comes in two editions that vary in their functional set - Standard and Enterprise. Standard edition costs $139 (USD); Enterprise edition costs $239 (USD). The company offers a flexible pricing policy for upgrades. A fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for free at

About Woodstone bvba

Woodstone bvba is a privately held information technology company based in Keerbergen, Belgium specializing in network software development, custom software development and consulting. For more information, visit

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