Affirmative Offers Three Thin-Client GUI Versions in One

Tempe, Arizona, May 10, 2005 -- Affirmative has revamped its Thin Client family, combining three previous user interface versions into one. Users may elect text, Windows or graphical user interface (GUI) viewing modes at installation time, or any time in the future. There are no upgrade charges.

According to Charles Winslow, Affirmative’s President, “Most thin client vendors who are focused on the iSeries and AS/400 market segment, offer separate models with text or Windows user interfaces. Some are upgradeable while others are not. We have packaged three distinct user-interface versions into a single offering. There are no upgrade issues and these units are priced to be competitive with text only, green screen products.”

The GUI mode converts the green screen into a modern look with a gray background and appropriate text colors, such as blue or black. Data input fields are converted to recessed panels with a light yellow background. Menu items, function keys and sub-file options are automatically detected and converted to push buttons that can be activated using a mouse or touch screen monitor, or both. The keyboard continues to function as before, but Affirmative also provides an on-screen keyboard for kiosk mode operation or applications where the environment precludes the use of mechanical keyboards.

“Application modernization can be accomplished without any OS/400 or iSeries programming work and the 5250 data stream is far more efficient than web faced applications using a browser” according to Del Lawin, Vice President, Technical Operations. “Screens are converted as they arrive at the Thin Client, so there is no performance penalty at the host or over the network. Applications run at green screen speeds, but the user sees a GUI application,” he said

Affirmative Computer Products offers a full line of Thin Client terminals with special enhancements for AS/400 and iSeries users. Wired or wireless, mobile or stationery, Windows and Linux versions are available. End-user prices start at $249.

Affirmative Computer Products can be reached at (888) 353-5250 or (480) 946-1444, or on the Web at

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