New Version of Smart/RESTART Now Available

Hoboken, New Jersey, May 11, 2005 -- Relational Architects International (RAI) today announces the general availability of Smart/RESTART Version 8.1. Smart/RESTART makes it as easy as possible to restart-enable z/OS batch applications -- often without changes to source code. Smart/RESTART eliminates the need to back out and redo successfully processed work -- which is particularly valuable in data sharing environments where it is no longer an option to re-run failing jobs from scratch.

As Carl Feinberg, RAI's Director of Development put it, “When batch ran standalone, you could restore data to its initial state and rerun a job. But in today’s environments, such a practice will undo changes to shared data made by other, concurrently active processes, and you need the ability to restart your application anywhere in the Sysplex”.

Smart/RESTART conserves the precious batch window by enabling failing batch applications to resume from a checkpoint rather than rerun from the beginning. Jobs can be resubmitted for restart without JCL changes. “Smart/RESTART’s comprehensive commit scope guarantees that changes to DB2, MQ, IMS and other RRS compliant resources stay in sync with a program’s sequential file and cursor position, working storage and random VSAM updates” Feinberg continued. This enables an application to restart after abends, recompiles, even system IPLs -- with all resources in a consistent state.

“Smart/RESTART eliminates the need for complicated restart logic and cumbersome operational procedures” Feinberg explained. Smart/RESTART features variable checkpoint frequency as well as automatic retry after deadlocks and timeouts.

“Smart/RESTART supports both new and existing applications.” Feinberg pointed out. “Simply define the logical Unit-of-Work and Smart/RESTART does the rest.” Smart/RESTART allows most applications that implement a unit-of-work loop to run restartably without source changes. Even legacy applications that take no checkpoints can run restartably by defining the unit-of-work external to the application on the basis of criteria like record content, DB2 column values, I/O counts or SQL accesses.

Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide are using Smart/RESTART to run their mission-critical batch production. For more information please visit RAI’s Web site at or call +1 201 420-0400.

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