TechExcel Announces DevTest 1.5

Test automation integration and task time tracking further enhance powerful QA test management solution.

Lafayette, California - May 31, 2005 - TechExcel, Inc., a leader in defect tracking and QA test management software, announced the general availability of DevTest 1.5 today. The new release features several new and enhanced tools that enable QA teams to streamline their testing processes, and to better measure and track the performance of their QA engineers.

Using the DevTest TestLink API module, QA engineers can integrate DevTest with third-party test automation applications. Once integrated with DevTest automated test scripts may be scheduled, executed, and maintained from within the DevTest client.

"DevTest test script integration provides customers with maximum flexibility to support and streamline their testing processes. Using the DevTest API our customers may choose from a wide range of automated scripts", said TechExcel CEO Tieren Zhou. "DevTest may be integrated with both the leading commercial test scripts or with homegrown scripts."

DevTest 1.5 also introduces a stopwatch-timing feature that enables project teams to use either automatic or manual stopwatch time tracking to measure the performance of their testing teams. Using the automated feature, managers may set the stopwatch to start automatically whenever a QA engineer begins to update an issue and set it to stop whenever a project member saves changes.

By accurately measuring the time required for each QA engineer to perform their test tasks, QA teams may accurately assess the performance of their testing teams and better schedule future test cycles. DevTest provides customers with tools not only to test and improve their products, but also to test and improve the processes they use to develop their products.

About DevTest

DevTest is a user-friendly tool designed to give QA teams a complete view of their product testing. DevTest provides process automation, workflow, detailed searching, and reporting for QA test management, all configured with a comprehensive point-and-click administration tool.

About TechExcel

TechExcel is dedicated to developing software solutions with built-in business intelligence that can be configured by the users to optimize their business processes. By providing integrated CRM, help desk, defect tracking and test management applications, TechExcel integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the flexibility needed to better manage their business. For additional information, contact TechExcel at 925-871-3900 or visit the Web site at

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