SPSS Significantly Upgrades ShowCase Suite's BI Components

Release provides greater insight into key business operations

CHICAGO - June 13, 2005 - SPSS, a leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics software, today unveiled significantly upgraded versions of the business intelligence components within ShowCase(R) Suite 7.0. SPSS' ShowCase Suite is a leading business intelligence and data mining solution for organizations using the IBM(R) eServer iSeries(TM) (AS/400(R)) computing platform.

SPSS' ShowCase Suite 7.0 includes major enhancements to ShowCase Essbase(R), ShowCase Analyzer(TM), and ShowCase Enterprise Reporting(TM). These enhancements strengthen an organization's ability to create, implement, and manage multiple analytic applications and to provide greater insight into critical business operations, such as financial conditions, merchandising, production, supply chain operations, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Enhanced Capabilities of SPSS' ShowCase Suite 7.0

With ShowCase Suite 7.0, Hyperion Solutions' Essbase 7X becomes available on the IBM(R) eServer iSeries(TM). This release offers significant new and enhanced capabilities. An organization can:

  • Provide highly detailed business information to thousands of people throughout its enterprise--and still achieve sub-second query-response times

  • Reduce significantly the time it takes to load and calculate multi-dimensional databases or "cubes"

  • Build cubes with many more dimensions than it could before, without taxing the IT infrastructure or compromising response times for users

  • Explore complex multidimensional data easily, and in a variety of ways, through the new, optional Hyperion Visual Explorer feature

  • Conduct basic data mining of multidimensional data with built-in clustering, correlation, and association algorithms; more comprehensive advanced analysis capabilities are provided in the iSeries version of Clementine(R), SPSS' leading data mining work bench

  • Use a new graphical interface to help development staff to be more productive in creating complex environments and calculations, and help system administrators become more efficient in loading, calculating, and monitoring Essbase cubes

SPSS has also enhanced ShowCase Analyzer, which enables internal staff and even external channel or business partners to view graphical reports through a Web browser. With this release, report designers can create highly customized reports more easily and business users can access and print them more quickly. For greater insight into information, users can move smoothly between views of multi-dimensional and relational databases.

The Enterprise Reporting component of the ShowCase Suite supports efficient and cost-effective distribution of reports enterprise-wide. Among the significant benefits:

  • Spreadsheets created with the Query "Excel add-ins" can be published to the Enterprise Reporting repository and opened and refreshed in a browser; customers will save license fees while avoiding the costs associates with maintaining client software and the time-consuming errors associated with manually re-keying data into spreadsheets

  • Administrators can centralize control of the actions that individuals or groups can take through enhanced role-based security; they can specify for example, whether users can run or build composite documents, publish content to a repository, schedule recurring reports, run reports dynamically, or simply view reports

  • Report designers can create "composite" documents containing multiple reports and charts, and now reports containing charts can be linked to other reports; this means users can see summarized data in an easy-to-understand chart and then, if interested, drill down to see more detailed information

For more information on SPSS' ShowCase Suite 7.0, please visit http://www.spss.com/showcase/.

About SPSS Inc.

SPSS Inc. (NASDAQ:SPSS) is a leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics software and solutions. The company's predictive analytics technology connects data to effective strategic action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and critical future events. More than 250,000 commercial, academic, and public sector customers rely on SPSS technology to help increase revenue, reduce costs, improve important processes, and detect and prevent fraud. More than 95 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies are SPSS customers. Founded in 1968, SPSS is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For additional information, please visit www.spss.com.

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