Draconis Software Features New Collaborative IT Problem Solving with RSP(tm) v2.0

Reading, MA, June 15, 2005 - Draconis Software(tm) is pleased to announce the release of RSP version 2.0, a fully featured server monitoring and analysis software package that focuses on collaborative problem-solving among IT team members. This latest release improves communication among IT professionals and facilitates faster incident resolution. In addition, the release combines numerous new features into a single, low-cost solution.

"As IT teams grow in complexity, especially with members in many different locations around the world, collaboration among team members has become even more important. The latest edition of RSP addresses this by providing powerful collaborative problem solving features, making it easier than ever for team members to coordinate their efforts and solve problems faster," said Ryan Twomey, CEO of Draconis Software.

To better coordinate efforts among team members, RSP utilizes an incident-tracking interface, allowing team members to better coordinate their efforts at solving problems, and to record their solutions. RSP stores this organizational intelligence so IT professionals can better apply past experiences to current conditions, making diagnosing and solving problems faster and easier the more you use RSP.

The latest version of RSP provides significant feature enhancements, further setting it apart from the competition:

  • Redesigned interface focusing on collaborative problem solving and better coordination among team members

  • Built-in knowledge database allows IT professionals to store and search organizational IT intelligence and better apply past experiences to current conditions

  • Numerous timesaving features, such as remote agent configuration and incident tracking via the new Tickets Manager

  • Additional security enhancements, including encrypted communications, to keep organizational data secure

  • Further enhancements to analysis features, making analyzing performance trends and finding root-causes even faster and easier

  • Additional monitoring metrics and alerting features available out-of-the-box

In addition, RSP is now available in two versions: an Enterprise Edition for commercial organizations, and a free Personal Edition that, along with open-source-licensed monitoring modules, is designed to further support the community of developers and system administrators who use RSP.

About Draconis Software

Draconis Software is a new company focused on helping organizations improve the reliability and performance of their IT assets. Working closely with customers, Draconis Software is developing the next generation of IT monitoring and analysis tools that will ensure the reliability of tomorrow's Internet.

For additional information visit http://www.dracoware.com

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