IDS Scheer Unveils Newest Version of ARIS EasySCOR Solution

New solution based on the Supply Chain Council SCOR 7.0 Model delivers optimal supply chain processes

Berwyn, PA (June 20, 2005) - IDS Scheer, a leading provider of business process excellence services and tools, today announced the newest version of its ARIS EasySCOR solution -- ARIS EasySCOR 7.0. ARIS EasySCOR is based on the Supply-Chain Council’s (SCC) Supply-Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR model). The SCOR model captures the council’s consensus view of supply chain management. While much of the underlying content of the model has been used by practitioners for many years, the SCOR-model provides a unique framework that links business processes, metrics, best practices and technology features into a unified structure to support communication among supply chain partners and improves the effectiveness of supply chain management and related supply chain improvement activities.

In April 2005, the Supply-Chain Council officially released the new version 7.0 of the SCOR model. SCC created SCOR based on five distinct management processes:

  • Plan: Demand/supply planning and management

  • Source: Sourcing stocked, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order product

  • Make: Make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order production execution

  • Deliver: Order, warehouse, transportation, and installation management for stocked, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order product

  • Return: Return of raw materials and receipt of returns of finished goods

Building upon the new model, ARIS EasySCOR 7.0 is a supply-chain modeling and analysis tool that includes the latest changes in metrics and best practices reflected in the SCOR 7.0 release. Organizations can further benefit from the creation of a central object-oriented database repository built on the use of ARIS EasySCOR 7.0 with the new SCOR Model that includes how processes are developed, maintained, managed, modified and published.

IDS Scheer’s industry-leading ARIS framework includes the methodologies to address all phases of the business process lifecycle. Based on the ARIS framework, the ARIS Platform for Process Excellence is a set of software tools that support process lifecycle management. IDS Scheer’s business process experts offer a holistic view of an organization’s business by leveraging its global resources, industry know-how and its ARIS software tools to help customers streamline their operations and coordinate technology implementations consulting on a national and international scale to support them. The IDS Scheer Process Implementation Group deploys these SCOR-based supply chain designs based on leading application software.

Other highlights of ARIS EasySCOR include:

  • Offers easy navigation through the SCOR model to learn and communicate SCOR content

  • Enables the design of company-specific supply chain processes using pre-defined SCOR objects

  • Documents business processes beyond SCOR

  • Builds a company-specific SCORCard

  • Analyzes and optimizes supply chain performance

  • Prepares software implementation projects

  • Communicates supply chain knowledge

As further validation of IDS Scheer’s supply chain expertise, a recent research note in The AMR Research Report, SAP Supply Chain Planning Service Providers: A Risk Assessment Profile, published May 25, 2005 by Dana Stiffler and Will McNeill, recognized IDS Scheer as one of “the least risky choices for SAP SCP implementations.” In AMR Research’s Risk Assessment Profile of service providers for SAP APO, which illustrates service provider expertise with equal weighting across DP, SNP, PPI, DS, and GATP, IDS Scheer is one of the clear leaders.

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