Touchpaper Modules Enable IT Service Desk to Get Ahead of the Game

New York City, NY - June 20, 2005 - Touchpaper announces the addition of three new modules to the company's ITSM solution. The new modules provide IT Service Desk professionals with greater flexibility to monitor assets, and diagnose and address IT issues more quickly.

"The IT Service Desk is often the primary interface between the IT department and an organization's users. Therefore, the responsiveness and level of service provided has a major impact on both the effectiveness of the business and the internal perception of the IT department and everyone who works there," said Carl Grieves, Senior Vice President of Touchpaper USA. "Touchpaper believes that the IT department can and will play a more strategic role in delivering what the business requires of it, but only with tools that can take IT into a new generation."

With Touchpaper's new modules, the IT Service Desk is aware of problems before the user community because it can closely monitor assets, and has the right tools to diagnose and fix problems quickly. As a result, it can guarantee a superior level of service to its end users.

The Touchpaper new modules are:

  • Touchpaper Enterprise AssetManager - a graphical business application that enables the consolidation of asset information from multiple sources (LDAP, HelpDesk Incident Management, LANDesk) across the business into a single, up-to-date view, with regular automated scans, identification of gaps in asset data, and data reconciliation. The AssetManager has the ability to query and generate reports of asset views.

  • Touchpaper ActiveAssistance - provides support analysts with a dashboard of information relevant to a problem that is being investigated, thus allowing issues to be seen in the context in which they have occurred.

  • Touchpaper MobilePortal - provides a permanent connection to Touchpaper systems from a PDA giving live access to any HelpDesk data - such as customers, assets, and incidents, workload lists, incident management functionality and knowledge tools. Touchpaper's MobilePortal reduces the cost of on-call and remote support. With wireless browser connectivity to their Touchpaper system, IT staff no longer needs separate mobile phones, pagers, laptops and RAS connections for remote alerting and access.

About Touchpaper

Touchpaper's goal is to help its customers deliver efficient, effective and secure IT and customer services through teams that exceed expectations for service and drive operational value through a combination of efficient operating procedures and leading edge technology. For further information please visit our Web site at or mail

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