Five Tips for Transferring IT Staff to Service Providers

IT staff transferred to your service provider don't face a bright future

Think you’re giving your IT people a bright future by having your service provider hire them? Think again. A survey of 13 transferred workers about their experiences revealed that most don't find themselves better off by any means.

The moment the subject of outsourcing surfaces in a company, a bolt mixture of fear, anger and anxiety races through the hearts and minds of employees: Will I be laid off? Will I have to train my replacement? Will I ever find the same kind of job again? Will I ever earn as much as I do now?

Depending on how managers communicate with their staff, some dread may subside, but it rarely goes away completely. Things are even more complex when people are moved over to the service provider as part of an outsourcing engagement.

This article, courtesy of, explores how career tracks offered by service providers are a myth. It offers five tips suggested by the interview subjects themselves—workers who have been on the receiving end of the experience.

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