NRG Global Tackles Poor Application Response Time Before it Impacts Productivity

New software tool verifies, troubleshoots application response times

Los Angeles, CA -- June 16 2005 -- NRG Global, a technology leader in availability and performance management of IT systems, today announced the release of an innovative tool to ensure acceptable response times and performance from enterprise-class applications. AppsWatch, part of the CleverEye® Availability Monitoring software suite, enables IT professionals to measure application response time just as the end user experiences it.

“There’s more to application performance than just measuring availability and downtime,” said Lywan Kummer, VP, Marketing and Sales at NRG Global. “Productivity is lost when applications are slow. Fewer orders can be entered, fewer customers served. AppsWatch is unique because it enables IT professionals to know applications are performing up to speed.” By monitoring applications in real time from the end-user perspective, AppsWatch enables IT professionals to proactively identify poor performance before major problems occur. This improves on traditional, reactive network management solutions that trigger alarms when a problem occurs.

“We’re excited to use AppsWatch, said Ken Davis, Network Infrastructure Manager for UCLA. “We have been monitoring network utilization, but now with AppsWatch, we can see exactly how our commonly used applications (like Citrix) are performing, just as users see them. We can conduct performance trending over time to detect degrading performance before it leads to major problems.”

AppsWatch provides comprehensive diagnostic information, including response times, for each transaction. By comparing the response times across each step of an application, IT professionals can easily detect the step where an application fails or underperforms. In today’s business environment, the ability to quickly isolate application failure directly impacts productivity and revenue. Forrester Research found that 82% of the enterprise customers studied reported that application problems affected employee productivity; 79% said it caused customer service to suffer.

Bringing true versatility to IT organizations, AppsWatch can be used to test any Windows-based software service including CRM, Citrix, ERP, and client-server based applications. AppsWatch features an intuitive, point-and-click user interface that simplifies test development and requires minimal training. Its innovative recording engine accurately records any sequence of end user actions, which can be played back in test scenarios. By enabling users to create complex test scenarios in minutes without writing a line of code, AppsWatch significantly minimizes testing time, as well as makes test development accessible to non-technical staff.

AppsWatch is affordably priced at approximately one-third the price of other solutions. Its modular architecture provides a cost-effective and scalable option for organizations of all sizes. AppsWatch is available immediately.

AppsWatch Key Features

  • Distributed probe system that tests response time from different locations and environments

  • Centralized administration for test management and reporting

  • Full alerting based on performance thresholds: SNMP trap, email, pager, and custom

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports: automatically generate and send

  • Top-n reports: automatically generate reports for 10 slowest tasks per month, 10 least available tasks per month, etc.

  • Protocol independent: supports any Windows-based client-server application including Citrix, .NET, client-server, JAVA/J2EE, web services, and legacy.

  • No scripting necessary for test development- just click to record user actions

  • Intelligent technology: captures and recognizes Windows objects just as a real person would

  • Supported OS: Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server

About NRG Global

NRG Global is a technology leader in availability and performance management of IT systems. Its mission is to help companies maximize the performance and ensure availability of mission-critical applications and infrastructure. Additional information about the company and its products is available on the Web at

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