Adminsystem Introduces New Email Server Concept

Standalone solution for intelligent e-mail management with extended level of protection and reliability

Hong Kong. -- July 13, 2005 -- The release of the newest enhanced version of Emailarchitect Email Server, announced today at Adminsystem Software headquarters, has marked the trend towards the standalone mail administration solutions. The latest version of Emailarchitect delivers the most complete and comprehensive security and data protection. Along with improved administration facilities, it makes Emailarchitect Email Server an excellent foundation for easily manageable and reliable mail architecture. The product is tailored to meet the increasing security and reliability needs of SME's and internet providers to offer round the clock business-like communication facility in the multi-language environment.

Many SME's use outsourced mail providers as a budgetary solution for e-mail management, yet they do it at a high price. Besides sharing critical business information, they get tied up with hosting servers in questions of data security and protection. Enhanced Emailarchitect Email Server makes a standalone mail architecture a viable alternative to web hosting. The concept of Email Server presented by Adminsystem features high-end failsafe and back-up systems that earlier were available only in capital intensive solutions. Emailarchitect Email Server enables IT staff to deliver required reliability, functionality, and performance at a reasonable cost. Support for multiple domains and unlimited number of users constitutes a higher scalability of the architecture. A fully-fledged web administration module allows intelligent management of e-mail accounts and provides users with a feature-rich composer, multi-language support, address book and POP3 pull service.

To extend the intelligent management capability of the architecture, Emailarchitect Email Server incorporates a Software Development Kit (SDK), a highly customizable module for administrative task automation.

SDK allows users to accommodate spam filters to their needs through the creation of new dynamic libraries. Powerful proactive solutions to combat unsolicited mail and malware make another vote for the Emailarchitect-based architecture. Legitimacy verification and content scan based on the unique algorithms prove effective to block 99 percent of unwanted mail and secure rational use of system resources. Anti-virus scan unmistakably detects malicious content in attachments, thus providing users with a reliable protective shield against mal-ware.

"The issues of security and data protection received maximum attention in the latest version of Emailarchitect Email Server," says Ivan Lui, CEO of Adminsystem Software. "Spam, fraudulent mail, and viruses cause businesses billions loss every year and we see it as our mission to provide users with the best up-to-date protection facilities. This also includes failsafe system and connection security. The new version of Emailarchitect makes reliability and availability of the system absolutely crucial."

Emailarchitect Email Server Features at a Glance

  • Support for SMTP, POP3, SSL/TLS, HTTP protocols

  • Support for multiple domain configurations and unlimited number of users

  • Built-in Web mail server with feature-rich composer, multi-language support, address book, and POP3 pull service

  • Anti-spam filters and anti-virus scan

  • Built-in failsafe system

  • Back-up and scripting tools

  • Software Development Kit for administrative task automation

  • Web-based and integrated administration

  • Ability to build customized spam filters with SDK.

Pricing and Availability

Emailarchitect Email Server runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server platforms and costs 99.95 USD for a standard license, 299.95 USD for a business license, and 799.95 USD for an extended enterprise license. For license limitations and price changes please refer to Free technical support and upgrades are extended to all registered users. A trial version is available for download free of charge at

About Adminsystem Software Limited

Adminsystem Software is a flagship of Email Server component products. Along with Emailarchitect Email Server, our main products are ANSMTP SMTP Component Build, ANPOP POP3 Component Build. Adminsystem Software can be found on their official site:

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