LGX Adds Data Manipulation and Security Features to Report Builder

LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder Optimizer Edition, a business-user Web-based reporting tool, adds advanced grouping support and calculation enhancements

July 21, 2005 McLean, VA, LogiXML announces the release of LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder Optimizer Edition, adding advanced features for data manipulation and security to support the needs of the increasing base of power users. LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder Optimizer Edition is a Web-based reporting system that provides an environment in which non-technical end users can build and create their own queries and reports without knowledge of databases and SQL and offers administrators a Web-based management tool for defining security roles.

Security enhancements for administrators allow them to define the access privileges of LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder users in the form of role packages that simplify the process of assigning “Roles” and “Rights” to end users. The new version also supports assignment of an expanded set of rights to end-users such as application and security administration, report management and report scheduling as well as the ability to control access to shared folders based upon roles.

Feedback from LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder users reflects their desire to accomplish more manipulation of data in the tool itself, which has lead to a number of new capabilities in the Optimizer Edition. These include:

  • Improved grouping features supplement the original drill-down style grouping with the new “flat grouping” that shows all detail rows in a grid with headers and footers for aggregate values. Flat grouping is a key feature for analysts who want to see all the report details at once and is ideal for Excel exports. In addition, reports can now be grouped on any number of columns, defined up to five levels of grouping; and multiple aggregates for columns included in the main report can be specified.

  • Calculated and statistical columns have been enhanced; they now run on the database itself for improved performance and calculated-column formulas now support more data types, including non-numeric columns. Users can now use calculated columns with initial sort order, grouping, charts, and report parameters. New statistical columns show “numeric” or “percentile rankings,” “running totals,” and “difference” between current and previous row's values.

  • “Virtual views” give administrators the ability to create customized views for end-users and for those who want to convert their reports to .pdf files, export to .pdf is now faster, scaleable, more reliable, and included in the base product at no extra charge.

LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder Optimizer Edition builds on a solid product foundation, adding many new features for end-users and administrators. LGX Ad Hoc Reporting Optimizer Edition is built on XML technology, supports major databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server and MySQL and can be deployed across any .NET architecture.

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