Compuware Abend-AID Fault Manager Helps IT Manage Application Faults in Enterprise Environments

Product combines distributed and mainframe fault diagnostic capabilities in comprehensive solution, integrates with HP OpenView and Compuware Changepoint

DETROIT -- August 1, 2005 -- Compuware Corporation today announced the availability of Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2. Designed to help IT organizations better manage the growing complexity of enterprise application environments, Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2 combines mainframe and distributed fault diagnostic capabilities into a single comprehensive solution.

Additionally, Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2 introduces integration with both HP OpenView Operations and Compuware Changepoint.

"IT managers need to proactively monitor, measure and control application faults in both distributed and mainframe applications so that they can improve the fault resolution process and improve customer experience," said Bruce Klenk, product manager at Compuware Corporation. "Abend-AID Fault Manager's integration with HP OpenView Operations opens a new window between these environments and extends the reach of HP OpenView Operations into the IBM OS/390 and z/OS environments."

The integration of Compuware Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2 with HP OpenView Operations delivers advantages such as centralized fault information, faster identification and resolution of mainframe environment problems that affect distributed applications, and greater understanding of how legacy systems interact with distributed applications. These capabilities directly and immediately help IT organizations support the critical business goal of increasing application availability and reliability.

Compuware Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2 integrates directly to HP OpenView Operations via HP OpenView Interconnect (OVI), providing users with the ability to investigate the state of the application at the time of the fault, analyze trends at many levels in the enterprise and take immediate action when an error occurs.

In addition to its achievement of OpenView Certification, Compuware participates as a member of the HP OpenView Enterprise Management Partners Program. This program focuses on delivering value-added partner solutions for software companies such as Compuware that extend the HP management solution for the Adaptive Enterprise by integration with HP OpenView.

For organizations looking to manage all of the demands on IT, Compuware Changepoint provides a consolidated view into existing and future requirements. Compuware Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.2 now integrates with Changepoint by generating work requests in Changepoint, when a fault is identified. Automated workflow enables seamless distribution of work to the appropriate individuals and teams, enabling more efficient handling of faults as well as tracking of the cost and effort associated with addressing these faults.

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